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Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

This article is Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis. It is a review of my experience flying Delta from Winnipeg to Minneapolis.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

The flight review is part of my Winnipeg Spring Experience.

Note: Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba paid for my flight on Delta as part of a Winnipeg Media Trip. The views expressed in this article are my own.

Trip Summary

Date: June 10, 2018

Flight: Delta 5331

From: Winnipeg – YWG

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: CR9

Seat: 3D


At the time of booking, I received an upgrade to the Comfort Plus section.

I was listed as #1 on the gate upgrade list.

A few minutes before boarding started, I received an upgrade to the first-class cabin. One other passenger received an upgrade on this flight.

Check In

I love using CLEAR when I travel. It allows me to go to the front of the TSA Pre-Check Line as well as normally avoid the TSA Identification check as I do that at the kiosk with my fingerprint.

Spring Delta Airlines Minneapolis Chicago Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

CLEAR makes travel a lot easier as it saves a lot of time. You can also use CLEAR at some sports arenas around the US to speed through security.

Unfortunately, CLEAR is not available in Canada, however, I still love having the membership and would recommend it.

Airport Experience

I arrived at the airport about two hours prior to the flight.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

The airport is very small and there was no waiting at the check in desks or with security.

Once I cleared the security area, you enter the Pre-Clearance area.

United States Pre-Clearance

Winnipeg Airport has Global Entry; however, all the kiosks were out of order at the time I visited.

There was no waiting for the Immigration and Customs check and no paper forms were required.

The office scanned my passport and asked me a few questions before welcoming through.

The process took about three minutes from the time I joined the line to the time I exited the area.

Gate Area

There are three US pre-clearance gates.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

No other flights were leaving at the time.

I located a seat and used my computer for a while.

Airport Lounge

The Winnipeg airport has a Priority Pass lounge in the domestic terminal; however, it is not accessible to US bound passengers.

If you are tavelling to another city in Canada, there is a small lounge available.

I enjoy Priority Pass because it allows me to relax in a lounge with cocktails and snacks while I wait for my flight.


Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

Boarding started about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

The gate area was not busy at all and there were plenty of seats for everyone.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

I joined the line to board and the gate agent reviewed my passport, offered a gate check tag and scanned my boarding pass before wishing me a good flight.

I located my seat and relaxed as the remainder of boarding continued.

Some of the passengers received a pre-departure beverage. I boarded a bit later and was not offered one; however, I enjoyed the water bottle that was provided at my seat.

The plane departed the gate on time.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

There was a short taxi.

We waited at the runway for about one minute while a Westjet plane landed and then the engines were revved up and we headed up in the air.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

The departure took us over the Winnipeg suburbs and then farmland before we headed north towards Minneapolis.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg MinneapolisDelta Airlines Winnipeg MinneapolisDelta Airlines Winnipeg MinneapolisDelta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis


I was assigned seat 3D which was a first-class seat on the 2-seat side of the 1-2 seat configured cabin.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

The seat was comfortable.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

No power ports were available; however, the airplane featured WiFi, streaming entertainment and free message with Facebook, iMessage and WhatsApp.

In Flight Experience

Once the plane was up in the air, the flight attendants offered a beverage.

I requested Ginger Ale.

The flight attendant served it from a tray within a minute or two.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

The Ginger Ale was served in a clean glass and it was fresh.

The flight attendant also offered a selection from the snack basket.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

I selected a banana and a bag of chips.

The banana was fresh, and it was excellent.

The chips were also fresh, and they were Ritz Cracker Brand.

I watched a television show from the streaming entertainment for a few minutes and the video played without issue with good quality audio and video.


The flight went by quickly and soon enough the cabin was being prepared for landing.

Delta Airlines Winnipeg MinneapolisDelta Airlines Winnipeg Minneapolis

The plane made its way back to the ground and then there was a short taxi before we reached a gate in the C terminal.

We waited a few minutes for our bags in the jetway before being able to depart the airport.


My flight home from Winnipeg was quick and fun. It was a pleasant surprise to receive an upgrade. The flight attendants were friendly. It was nice that they offered a snack from the basket in addition to a beverage. Overall it was a great flight.

Thanks for reading along with my Winnipeg Spring Experience Trip.

Have you traveled to Winnipeg? How did your experience compare?


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