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Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

by John the Wanderer
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Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

This article is Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast. It is a review of my breakfast experience at Winnipeg’s Clementine Café.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The Clementine Café Breakfast is part of my Winnipeg Spring Experience.


Clementine Café is known as the best brunch spot in Winnipeg.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The restaurant is located in a beautiful space in Winnipeg’s historic Exchange District.

The building has light exposed brick walls, black and white-zig zagging floor tiles and a large open concept kitchen set the stage for a creative meal.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

Travel Manitoba and Tourism Winnipeg hosted me for a complimentary breakfast experience as part of the Winnipeg Media Trip. The views expressed in this article are my own. The value of my meal was approximately $30 CAD.


We arrived at Clementine Café for brunch on Sunday.

The restaurant was busy with activity when we arrived; however, our table was reserved, and we got to sit in front of the coffee bar at the community table.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The table gave us a view at the open kitchen and the barista area.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The menu offers hip and imaginative brunch items including various egg dishes, oats and other items.

A full coffee bar including match tea and other items were available as well as specialty cocktails.

Table Service

A server greeted us promptly and offered drinks.

The server went over the menu with us at that time as well.

Clementine Café Winnipeg BreakfastClementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast


I ordered a cappuccino and orange juice.

The orange juice was served within a minute or two and the cappuccino about five minutes later.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The orange juice was fresh squeezed, and it tasted like eating an orange and was excellent.

The cappuccino was served hot and it had a beautiful leaf coffee art on top.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The espresso was excellent, and the milk was rich and creamy.

The server pointed out the menu options and she offered to take our order.

Later in the meal I tried a Matcha Latte as well.

Winnipeg Adventure Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The tea was excellent. The matcha had a mild flavor and it was presented well with some great latte art on top.


I ordered smoked chicken chilaquilies with a sunny side up egg and maple bacon on the side.

The food was served within about 20 minutes of ordering.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The chilaquilies were served beautifully on a round dish.

The egg was sunny side up as requested and it was runny when I cut into it.

The chicken was tender, and it was smoked and had an excellent flavor.

The dish was served on top of freshly made tortillas that were fried and were crispy. An avocado sauce was layered on the dish as well as cream and a bit of cheese. All the ingredients were fresh, and I loved each bite.


The bacon was thick cut and it was served on a small plate. Four large pieces were offered, and it was excellent. The bacon had a slightly sweet taste.

Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The server kept the table maintained throughout the visit.

When we were ready to depart, the server thanked us sincerely and she invited us back.


Winnipeg Adventure Clementine Café Winnipeg Breakfast

Our meal at the Clementine Café was amazing. It is known as one of the best brunch spots in the city and it definitely lived up to the reputation. I would highly recommend it on your next trip to Winnipeg. When we left, I heard someone saying there was a 30-minute wait. The food was so good that it would be worth the wait.

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