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Four Cool things about my cruise on MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia cruise review of the experience.

by John the Wanderer
MSC Meraviglia at colorful beach at Ocean Cay

This is four cool things about MSC Meraviglia.

MSC Meraviglia
View of ship

This article is four cool things about my cruise on MSC Meraviglia sailing to the Bahamas.

MSC Meraviglia

The MSC Meravilgia is one of MSC Cruises cool Italian designed ships that is currently homeported in New York City sailing from Brooklyn!

MSC Meravilgia offers sailings to Florida and the Bahamas as well as Bermuda from New York in the Spring and Summer as well as offerings to the Bahamas and the Caribbean from Florida at other times of the year.

The ship is currently the newest ship that sails from New York and you can find some exceptional deals!

The rooms featured a fruit basket amenity that was refreshed throughout the trip as well as a bottle of sparkling wine.

MSC Meraviglia Deluxe Suite room amenity
Deluxe Suite room amenity

MSC Is a great line to get a taste for cruising with their attractive pricing for inside or balcony cabins. In addition, they have a pretty amazing ship within a ship concept for the Suites class in the Yacht Club with private butler accommodations, a private pool deck, and restaurant! 

While suite class can cost over $10,000 on many other cruise lines, you can often experience the Yacht Club on MSC for significantly less than that!

MSC Experience

MSC is a European Cruise Line that is making a large entry into the US Cruise Market with an incredible Private Island and modern ships sailing from New York and Florida to some cool tropical destinations.

Ocean Cay early morning view
Ocean Cay early morning view

You will find a good mix of people from all over the world sailing with you on MSC which offers a cool experience meeting people.

You may experience things a little different than other mainstream cruise lines such as lines of people waiting to go into shows, at the desk or for elevators.

In addition, the dining experience is European focused in that the culinary team spends a lot of time putting out good tasting food without as much attention to details presentation wise. So, you may not get food that look as appealing as on other lines, but once you have a few bites you will likely find some tasty dishes!

The staff overall works hard, and they take great care in making sure you have a great time!

I will be honest, I did experience some service misses in terms of quality of food in the Yacht Club as well as on the ship, however, the experience overall was enjoyable, and I had an amazing time on the experience.

My experience at Ocean Cay and with the team overall was awesome and those few misses really were outweighed by the positives.


I sailed on MSC Meraviliga during the pandemic when prices were very low! I booked the cruise as a back-to-back combining a three-night sailing with a four-night sailing from Miami to make for a fun week in the Bahamas.

Deluxe Suite Room Tour

For my sailing, I stayed in a Yacht Club Deluxe Suite for approximately $1,500 for a four-night sailing and about $1,000 for the back-to-back three-night sailing.  For a combined $2,500 I enjoyed a week in a Deluxe Balcony Suite in the Yacht Club! The price included Premium Drinks, Premium Internet as well as gratuities.

MSC Meraviglia Deluxe Suite room view
The view from Deluxe Suite
MSC Meraviglia Deluxe Suite balcony view
Balcony view

I stayed the night before sailing in Miami using miles and points and paid cash to fly on Delta to Miami from Minneapolis for about $300 per-person.

I know these prices are a lot lower than currently. Even though the environment for cruises is currently high, you can still find some exceptional deals on MSC.

Travel Advisor

I am a travel advisor and I would love to help you book your next cruise! I often get access to group pricing which can offer significant savings over booking direct or I may be able to offer additional onboard amenities you wouldn’t get from booking direct.

Email me at john@johnthewanderer.com and we can get started on planning your vacation!

Four Cool things about my experience on MSC Meraviglia.

There were four things that stood out about my experience on the ship that made the experience awesome! Below you will find the four cool things about my experience.

Ocean Cay Experience

MSC Meraviglia at Ocean Cay beach
Beach view of the ship on Ocean Cay

Ocean Cay is MSC Cruise Lines Private Island in the Bahamas. The first thing that stood out about my sailing on the MSC Meraviglia that made the experience cool was spending time at Ocean Cay!

Ocean Cay arrival view early morning
Arrival view early morning

Ocean Cay is a beautiful island in the Bahamas that was setup as a Marine Preserve. The island has spaces to help support the eco system as well as tours and education on preserving the environment.

MSC Meraviglia at colorful beach at Ocean Cay
The colorful beach at Ocean Cay

I loved the multiple beach areas on the island including a fun colorful beach right next to the ship with DJ music and fun activities throughout the day.

In addition, there were many other cool spaces on the island to relax or play in the water.

Since I stayed in the Yacht Club I also got to go to a private beach area on the island with servers as well as a gourmet restaurant for lunch.

Ocean Cay private beach for suite guests
Private beach for suite guests

The Yacht Club beach area was a bit rocky right near the ocean, but it featured comfortable chairs to take in the sun as well as awesome service from the staff.

MSC Meraviglia from the beach on Ocean Cay
Beach on Ocean Cay

There was even an awesome light show and party on the beach at night which made for a cool experience to capstone an amazing day!

Lighthouse show on Ocean Cay
The Lighthouse Show

Cool Piazza Lobby with large LED wall overhead offering cool experiences.

The second cool thing about my experience onboard was the grand piazza lobby with LED wall overhead that offered cool scenes to transport you to Italy or Europe while you enjoy the amenities of the lobby.

Lobby Colorful Sky on MSC Meraviglia
Lobby Colorful Sky

Each evening there was a small show that made use of the LED ceiling as well as music to go along with the theme.

It was a cool experience overall.

Meraviglia colorful sky
Meraviglia colorful sky

You will also find the lobby with grand staircases decorated with thousands of crystals! It is a cool sight!

MSC Meraviglia crystal staircase
Crystal staircase

Amazing Coffee Throughout the Ship

Coffee on Meraviglia
Coffee on Meraviglia

The third thing that was cool about my experience on the ship was the amazing coffee throughout the ship!

Since MSC has roots in Italy you can count on some excellent coffee throughout the ship.

At most of the bars, you could get barista made coffee or espresso for a pick-me-up any time of the day.

MSC Meraviglia coffee
Good coffee

I had coffee from the bars throughout the day and even was treated to some cool latte art on some of my cappuccino’s. It brought smiles and really enhanced the experience.

Coffee on MSC Meraviglia
Outdoor coffee

In addition, at Ocean Cay there is a joint coffee shop and ice cream spot! The coffee is included in the drink package on MSC so you can try the awesome Coconut Latte to celebrate a day in Ocean Cay! I had one hot in the morning as well the iced version in the afternoon!

Note: the ice cream at the same location was not included; however, you could get some good gelato for dessert in the dining rooms. So, I recommend skipping the ice cream at the shop and ordering it at dessert in the dining room instead!

Fun Port Experience In Nassau

Nassau arrival with Atlantis
Nassau arrival with Atlantis

The fourth thing that was cool about my sailing on Meraviglia was the fun port experience in Nassau.

MSC Meraviglia Nassau arrival with lighthouse
Arival with lighthouse

MSC generally has later stays in port than some other cruise lines which can make for a fun time exploring!

It made for a fun sail away from Nassau by first getting to watch some of the other ships depart.

Margaritaville in Nassau
Margaritaville in Nassau
Nassau sailaway
Sailaway from Nassau

Nassau is a fun port to walk around. You can walk to a beach not too far from the ship or you can take a water taxi to Paradise Island and explore some other beaches and check out Atlantis or some of the other great experiences on the Island.

Atlantis in the Bahamas
Atlantis in the Bahamas

I like booking excursions on Viator, TripAdvisor and Expedia to find smaller tours generally priced more attractively than those booked on the ship.

For me I loved walking along the water and people watching and checking out some of the stores near the port.

In May, 2023, Nassau Cruise Port re-opened the port area with new terminal buildings, stores, restaurants and they redesigned the experience. I am excited to check that out on a future sailing. The new experience will be awesome with the new passenger buildings and amenities!

MSC Meraviglia

MSC Meraviglia sunrise beautiful sky
Sunrise beautiful sky

MSC Meraviglia is an awesome ship from MSC that you can sail from the Big Apple this summer and it offers a fun experience for you and your family to enjoy a week in the sun visiting some tropical places in Florida and the Bahamas or Bermuda!

I had a great time sailing and enjoyed the experience overall from the amazing experience at Ocean Cayincluding the late-night beach party. The lobby/ atrium area was set up neatly with a cool piazza area with overhead LED screen which set the tone for fun! I also loved the great coffee available throughout the ship. Finally I had an awesome time exploring Nassau on port day!

MSC Meraviglia sunrise sky and clouds
Sunrise sky and clouds

Have you sailed on Meraviglia? How was your experience? Comment below and let me know what you liked or didn’t like about your experience.


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