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Winnipeg Thermea Spa and Dinner

by John the Wanderer
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Winnipeg Thermea Spa and Dinner

This article is Winnipeg Thermea Spa and Dinner Experience. It is a summary of my experience at the Thermea Spa in Winnipeg where I got to enjoy a unique spa experience as well as enjoy a spa-dinner.

Thermea Spa

The spa experience is part of my Winnipeg Spring Experience.

Note: The spa does not allow photographs in the areas where guests are relaxing and having treatments so many of the photographs on this page were provided by Tourism Winnipeg and Thermea by Nordik Spa-Nature.


The Thermea Spa offers a unique relaxation experience in nature.

Thermea Spa

The spa is located Eight Kilometers from downtown Winnipeg.

It is located adjacent to the Crescent Drive Golf Course.

Thermea Spa

The Thermea Spa-Nature is a haven that features world-class thermotherapy facilities inspired by some of the best Scandinavian traditions.

The spa offers time to unwind and reenergize in the baths (hot, cold and temperate). In addition, saunas, exfoliation room and indoor and outdoor recreation areas are available.

Note: Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba setup the complimentary experience at the Thermea Spa as part of the Winnipeg Media Trip. The views expressed in this article are my own.

Thermea Spa and Dinner

We arrived at the Thermea Spa and were greeted by the host who provided wristbands and provided an orientation to the facility.

Thermea Spa

We were asked to change into our bathing suites, sandals and to wear the robe that was located in our lockers.

The staff pointed out the rules which included no cell phones or cameras in the spa areas.

Thermea Spa

Admission is around $50-$60 per person. The spa adds an additional $100 charge for meals or incidentals that is returned at the end of the visit if you do not use the credit.

Locker Room

The locker room was clean and the lockers were accessed by a wrist band.

The locker was clean and in good condition and it functioned without issue.

Showers with shampoo and body wash were available and long with restroom facilities.

Basic amenities including were provided along with plenty of towels.

Spa Experience

The manager greeted us after we were changed and pointed out the facilities.

Thermea Spa

It is suggested that you spend up to 20 minutes in the hot areas such as the steam room or sauna, followed by 15-30 seconds in the cold/ice pool followed by a period of relaxation.

The staff recommended that we do these cycles at least three times during the experience to get the most of out of the spa.

Thermea Spa

The manager informed us that they would do a special Aufguss ritual in the sauna which includes essential oils and a ceremony.

The Aufguss rituals are offered every hour. Some are longer than others and different scents are used at each one.

I went through three cycles of the process.

The hot areas included a sauna, dry sauna and two steam rooms with different scents.

Thermea Spa

Water stations with fruit infused water were located throughout the facility.

The steam rooms had an orange scent option or eucalyptus. Both rooms had a pleasant scent and the scents helped to relax me.

You could use a salt scrub in a shower area where you were advised to scrub the salts over your arms, stomach and legs and then rinse off to provide cleansing.

Relaxation areas including a beach setup with beach chairs and a sandy beach was available.

Thermea Spa

In addition, rooms with heated benches and lounge chairs were provided along with outdoor hammocks.

Thermea Spa

Fire pits were present throughout the area and you could relax around the fire.

Aufguss Ritual

The group attended the Aufguss Ritual which was hosted by a women therapist.

The therapist described the process which took place in the sauna.

The session lasted about 15 minutes and it included three different scents which were infused into ice balls that the therapist placed on the heated rocks.

Music played in the background and the therapist used towels to move the air around the room, so everyone could enjoy the relaxing scents.

The experience was intense, and it was very hot.

At the conclusion we were asked to exit, drink water, take a quick dip in the ice pool and then relax.

Thermea Spa

I enjoyed the experience and was impressed with how relaxing it was.


Dinner is available from a spa menu.

Guests dine in their robes which creates for a unique experience.

The meal options are mostly on the light side including veggie trays, salads and sandwiches. A burger option is available as well.

The meal experience is a slow process which helps you to relax and enjoy the company you are with.

Our meal lasted about two hours and 15 minutes!

What a relaxing time to spend with friends!

The staff who assisted us in the restaurant was friendly and polite.

It appeared that the staff was a bit stretched because it seemed as if there were only one or two servers for the entire restaurant.

Our server was on top of things though and we felt welcome.


We stated out with cocktails.

I had an Aperol Spritz.

Thermea Spa

The Aperol Spritz was light and refreshing and the alcohol level was strong.

It was presented in a large wine glass with an orange wedge for decoration. The drink had a good taste.


For my appetizer, I enjoyed a hummus and veggie tray.

Thermea Spa

The tray was served with beat hummus and a variety of vegetables.

The vegetables were fresh and crispy and included broccolini, carrots, tomatoes, pickles, olives, jalapeños and onions.

The hummus was a beat hummus that had a slightly sweet taste.

The hummus went well with the vegetables and it was a good appetizer overall.

The dish was presented attractively on a board.


For the entrée, I ordered a burger.

The burger was served on a toasted bun with a salad on the side.

Thermea Spa

The spa burger was cooked well, and it was served with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayonnaise.

The entree had a good taste and it was rich and hearty. The vegetables were fresh and excellent.

The salad was refreshing, and it included tender greens, romaine and peas with a tangy and mild dressing.


For dessert, I selected the orange crème brulee.

Thermea Spa

The orange crème brulee was served chilled and it was topped with whipped cream in a decorative fashion.

The crème brulee was slightly crispy on the top and the custard had a bold orange flavor that was refreshing. The custard was rich and creamy and excellent.

Guests pay by providing their wristband to the server. The server scans it and creates a check from that and then returns the wristband.

Smores Ceremony

Thermea Spa

Prior to departure, guests are offered a smores ceremony with homemade graham crackers, fresh chocolate and marshmallows.

Guests were able to make their own over one of the fire pits which is a fun experience to do with friends.


At the conclusion of the experience, I returned to the locker room to change. Plastic bags were provided for wet bathing suits and the shower was refreshing.

A staff member thanked you as you departed the locker room. In addition, guests were asked to return their wristbands at that time.


Thermea Spa

The experience at the Thermea Spa-Nature was a lot of fun overall. I felt totally relaxed after going through three cycles as well as the Aufguss ritual. The Thermea Spa is an amazing experience you won’t want to miss. The cycles of heat, cold and relaxing are amazing, and it was incredible. If you dine at the location, make sure you have plenty of time, so you can savor the slow relaxing meal with some good friends.

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