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Winnipeg Adventure Begins

by John the Wanderer
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Winnipeg Adventure Begins

This article is Winnipeg Adventure Begins. It is the introduction to my Winnipeg Adventure Trip Report.

Winnipeg Adventure


Winnipeg is located in Manitoba Canada and it is an amazing Mid West City!

Did you know it is a short six-hour drive from the Twin Cities?

I always thought it was a lot further away but some friends of mine recently made the drive there and they told me how easy it was. Plus you can stop in Fargo on the way and relive parts of that crazy TV show and movie on the way! 🙂

6000 Years in 60 Minutes Winnipeg Tour Winnipeg Adventure

Winnipeg has always been known as a gathering point. In fact, two great rivers come together in the heart of the city where you can relax at the Forks and meet at the gathering spot.

Deer + Almond Winnipeg Lunch Experience Winnipeg Adventure

The city is filled with history and it offers an incredible foodie scene.

Winnipeg AdventureWinnipeg Adventure

I’ve always heard that where I live, we are Minnesota Nice; however, Canadians take that much further and they are welcoming and inviting and Winnipeg is a wonderful place to spend some time in.

Winnipeg Adventure


Travel Manitoba and Tourism Winnipeg recently invited me along with a few other travel writers to experience all that the city has to offer.

Due to my work schedule and being able to maximize my time there, I ended up flying instead of making the easy drive. Some of the other travel writers drove and they said they had so much fun on the way. I kinda wish I would have gone with that option! But none the less, I had the opportunity to spend about four days exploring the city.

My experience was generously hosted by Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba throughout the four days as part of a media trip.

I really loved the city and would have visited on my own anyway! It was nice having a few days to spend with other travel writers and travel partners.

The views expressed in this multi-part trip report are my own.

Explore Winnipeg

6000 Years in 60 Minutes Winnipeg Tour Dinner at the Forks Market Winnipeg Winnipeg Adventure

Your Winnipeg adventure should start with checking out the Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba‘s web pages for up to date information on the city and surrounding areas.

Journey to Churchill Canadian Signature Experience Winnipeg Adventure

You can even book some great Signature Canadian Experiences such as the one I was on with polar bears while you are on the web pages!

Journey to Churchill Canadian Signature Experience Winnipeg Adventure

Prior to my trip, I also spent time checking out the Lonely Planet’s guide to Winnipeg.

Winnipeg City Tour Winnipeg Adventure

Winnipeg Adventure

I learned about the world class museums including the one in the initial image, which I fortunately visited, The Canadian Museum for Human Rights. From the stunning decor on the exterior building to the city views inside as well as the impactful exhibits I was really intrigued and wanted to make sure it was part of my Winnipeg Adventure.

Winnipeg AdventureWinnipeg AdventureWinnipeg Adventure

Food Revolution

One of the coolest things about Winnipeg is that it is in the midst of a food revolution. So many amazing restaurants are popping up and they even have an incredible winter pop up experience where you get to eat gourmet food from world class chefs on the ice at the Forks!

Winnipeg AdventureWinnipeg Adventure

Lonely Planet did a great write up on the Winnipeg Food Revolution.

We got to experience many of the restaurants including the lead location at the Common and the restaurants at The Forks Market. The food, wine and beer was incredible!

Dinner at the Forks Market Winnipeg Winnipeg Wine Tasting Winnipeg AdventureWinnipeg Adventure Dinner at the Forks Market Winnipeg

In addition, I found a lot of great information on hotelsrestaurants and attraction reviews on TripAdvisor.


As I mentioned, Winnipeg is an easy six hour drive from the Twin Cities and some of my friends have recently done that and had an amazing time.

In order to maximize my time in Winnipeg, I flew on Delta Airlines on the one hour flight from Minneapolis.

The airfare was a bit pricey at around $600 USD so it makes the drive even more desirable.

Delta Airlines Minneapolis Winnipeg Afternoon Flight Winnipeg Adventure

The flight was quick and fun and Delta uses mostly regional jets so you either get a window or aisle seat!

Book your next trip: Agoda, Apple Vacations, Booking.com, Edreams, Expedia, Hard Rock Hotels, Hilton, LivingSocial, Loews Hotels, Momondo, Priceline, Radisson Blu, or TripAdvisor.


Winnipeg Adventure Winnipeg City Tour Inn at the Forks Winnipeg Hotel Experience

During my trip all the travel writers got to stay at a great boutique hotel the Inn at the Forks, which is centrally located in the city and accessible to all the great offerings.

Winnipeg Adventure Inn at the Forks Winnipeg Hotel Experience

The hotel was modern and the room was comfortable. The Inn at the Forks offered a great view of Winnipeg including some awesome sunsets views.

Winnipeg Adventure

You can stay at this great hotel for around $170 CAD per night.

Check out TripAdvisor where you can read reviews and see pictures from other guests who stayed at the hotel.

Trip Report

My Winnipeg Adventure Begins is a multi-part trip report. The trip report highlights my experience exploring the city and having some great food along the way!

The trip report includes the following articles:







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