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Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

by John the Wanderer
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Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

This article is Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast. It is a review of my breakfast experience at the Park Café located at the Assinboine Park Conservancy.

Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The breakfast review is part of my Winnipeg Spring Experience Trip.


The Park Café is located at the Assinboine Park Conservancy which is a large park within Winnipeg.

Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The park was modeled after New York City’s Central Park and offers places to relax on the lawn, play sports and take in some awesome views.

The Park Café overlooks the park’s duck pond.

Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

Park Café Breakfast

The Park Cark Café offers a good breakfast menu that includes traditional egg dishes as well as pancakes, fruit and other items.

The restaurant also offers lunch and dinner with sandwiches, salads and a lot more.

Note: Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba hosted my breakfast as part of my Winnipeg Media Trip. The views expressed in this article are my own.

Check out the Park Café on TripAdvisor where you can read other guests reviews and pictures.


We arrived at the Park Café and were greeted by a host who promptly escorted us to a table and provided menus.Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The table was setup neatly with the menus as well as water glasses.

The room was light and offered plenty of sunshine.

Table Service

A server greeted us within a minute or two and offered beverages.

I requested coffee and the coffee was served a couple minutes later.

The server asked the guests for their order as well as answered questions from the menu.

I inquired about the Black Bean Benedict. The server said it was good, but many guests feel that the black bean patty was dry. She recommended the regular Eggs Benedict instead. I accepted, and she thanked me. The server asked how I wanted the eggs to be poached. I requested soft.

Breakfast was served about 20 minutes after ordering.

Eggs Benedict

The Eggs Benedict was served hot on a plate with potatoes and onions.

Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The egg was poached perfectly, and the egg was runny, and it had an amazing taste.

Park Café Winnipeg Breakfast

The egg was served on top of a lightly toasted English muffin with a slice of bacon. The bacon was fresh, and it had a good taste.

The eggs were topped with Hollandaise sauce that was mild in flavor.

The potatoes and onions were fresh, and they had a good taste and they went well dipped in the egg yolk.

The server checked back with us several times during the meal.

When I finished the entrée, she offered to remove the dish and she thanked me.

The server kept my water glass full throughout the meal.


When we were ready to depart, the server thanked us and wished us a pleasant time at the zoo.


I enjoyed the great sunny picture windows which offered plenty of light during the meal. The menu at Park Cafe was excellent, and the server was friendly and attentive. The Eggs Benedict was cooked perfectly, and it was an incredible meal.

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