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Winnipeg Wine Tasting

by John the Wanderer
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Winnipeg Wine Tasting

This article is Winnipeg Wine Tasting. It is an overview of my experience wine tasting at the Common in the Forks Market.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

My Winnipeg Wine Tasting experience is part of my Winnipeg Spring Experience Trip.


The Winnipeg Wine Tasting event was held at the Common at the Forks Market.

Dinner at the Forks Market Winnipeg Winnipeg Wine Tasting

The event is called Un Common Pours and it takes place seasonally.

Tickets can be purchased from the Common Beer and Wine as well as online.


The experience is unique as the Forks each year selects a sommelier from around the world to curate the wine options for the Common.

Each season, the sommelier picks a tasting menu based on the food options in the food hall and pairs them with an amazing wine.

The wines change with time as they are curated to be best for the season.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

In between the tastings, the sommelier provides tasting notes as well as education on wine consumption that can help you choose great wine for you and your family.

Wine and Food Pairings

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

The following pairings were offered for this tasting event:

Tasting Notes

Prior to trying the food and wines, the sommelier provided tasting notes for the guests with background on each type of wine.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

Sparkling Wine NotesWinnipeg Wine Tasting

Sparkling wine goes well with breakfast foods including egg bakes. It also goes well with fried and salty foods.

The sommelier suggested pairing sparkling wine with vegetables as well.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting


Rose is generally pale and it is generally made from French grapes and the color on the grapes matter. She said many people think it is an afterthought, but a lot actually goes into making a great rose.

The sommelier suggesting having the rose with pinkish foods including pasta, tomato’s and shrimp.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with salads with cheese, and tomatoes.

The white wine often has residual sugars that give it a mild flavor. The sommelier also said that it goes well with herbs such as parsley which are used in dishes.

Cabernet Sauvignon

For Cabernet Sauvignon the sommelier said it is a great wine that goes well with burgers and other red meats. She also said it can go well with other meals and vegetables as well depending on the type.

The sommelier suggested guests should always use wine glasses that are tulip shaped regardless of the type of wine.

She said you do not need stems on the glasses because the purpose of them is to not warm the wine. She said that people don’t hold regular glasses in a way that would warm it anyway, so she suggests using glasses without them.

In addition, the sommelier mentioned that Flutes are not necessary for sparkling wine. She said they were purely aesthetic. She recommended drinking the sparkling wine such as a prosecco in a tulip shaped glass.

In addition, the sommelier said that the environment impacts our wine tasting. She gave an example of someone on vacation where you find an wine you love but then when you bring if home to a different environment it does not taste the same.

Provenzal Fries Pairing

The Provenzal fries from Empanadas and Company by Simon’s Cuisine were cooked well and they had a great seasoning. The provenzal fries were golden brown, and they were served warm.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

The french fries were topped with herbs and garlic and they had a bold flavor.

The provenzal fries went well with the Prosecco which had a slightly sweet taste.

Jamaican Beef Patty Pairing

The Jamaican Beef Patty from Bindy’s Caribbean Delights was fried golden brown. The shell had a good taste and the meet stuffing was fresh and it had a good jerk-based flavor.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

The dish was paired with a Rose from South Africa. The rose was light in flavor and it had a slightly bitter note to it that went well with the Jamaican flavored patty.

Tomato Citrus Salad Pairing

The Tomato Citrus Salad from Passero corto was the best part of the meal. The tomatoes were super fresh and light and sweet.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

The tomatoes had a creamy cheese on the side and was tossed in a mild dressing that brought out the tomato flavors.

The Sauvignon Blanc went perfectly with the dish and it had an excellent flavor and was mild.

Blueberry Yum Yum Burger Pairing

The Blueberry Yum Yum mini burger from Nuburger was cooked well. The burger was fresh, and it had a good taste and it was topped with blueberries and lettuce on a gourmet sesame bun.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

The burger went well with the Cabernet Sauvignon as well as it had great tasting notes that went well with the beef and the blueberries.


As we were departing the event, we received pastries from Jenna Rae Cakes.

Winnipeg Wine Tasting

The pastry was a cookie sandwich that was fresh, and it was a nice final bite for a great meal.



The Common offers an amazing wine and food pairing experience at the Forks Market.

The sommelier left everyone with a great suggestion.  She suggested to eat what you like and drink what you like with great friends. I couldn’t agree more. It is great to share a foodie experience with great friends. This wine tasting is an incredible event. I would love to check it out each season if only I lived in Winnipeg!

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