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Winnipeg City Tour

by John the Wanderer
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Winnipeg City Tour

This article is Winnipeg City Tour. It is an overview of the city via a trolley tour that offered a great picture about the city. The tour was operated by Winnipeg Trolley Company.

Winnipeg City Tour

The Winnipeg City Tour is part of my Winnipeg Spring Experience Trip Report.


My trip to Winnipeg is being hosted by Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba as part of a media trip. My Winnipeg City Tour was covered as part of this experience.

While the tour was hosted, the views expressed in this article were my own.

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The tour can be purchased on Winnipeg Trolley Company’s webpage for about $30CAD.

Tour Overview

The Winnipeg Trolley Company offers a great overview of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg City Tour

The tour focused on the arts and entertainment of the city as well as famous history and buildings.

The tour lasted around one hour and 45 minutes.

Before you go, check out TripAdvisor’s overview of Winnipeg as it will give you some advance knowledge on the city.

Tour Experience

The tour began by driving from the airport to the city. Normally, you can pick up the tour from different points within the city.

The tour guide/driver welcomed the guests and he provided information Winnipeg and the history of the trolley service within the city.

Winnipeg City Tour

In the past, there were classic street cars that provided transportation throughout the city.

The current trolley was modernized; however, a classic trolley is available on display in the union station.

Union station is a central hub for Via Canada Rail and it was designed by the same people who created New York’s Grand Central Terminal.

Winnipeg City Tour

The tour guide pointed out the history with some of the classic companies from the city and he pointed out historical buildings along the way.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

The tour continued on to an art district with various shopping and stores as well as museums.

Winnipeg City Tour

Winnipeg offers a Little Italy and Chinatown area, which are both small, but we were able to see some Italian and Chinese restaurants as well as a cheese shop along the way.

Winnipeg City Tour

I noted a couple gelato stores that I would love to check out.

Government Legislative Building

The trolley visited the Government building where we circled around, and the driver provided information on it.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

The building was decorated neatly, and it had ornate décor around the outside.

Winnipeg City Tour

Several green spaces were present in Winnipeg and the tour guide pointed them out. He described them as similar to New York’s Central Park but smaller.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

Suspension  Bridge

We passed over a suspension bridge that has a restaurant in the center.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

The bridge went over the Red River which goes from the United States to Canada.

Winnipeg City Tour

You can get a good view of the city skyline from the area around the bridge.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour


The tour visited the banking area and we learned that there used to be dozens of banks within a few short blocks.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

Since the original time, most of the banks have consolidated or relocated to other parts of the city.


One of the great things about Winnipeg is the city is filled with a lot of art spaces.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City TourWinnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

I enjoyed seeing them and hearing about them from the trolley driver.

The tour drove past a site made famous by Justin Bieber who had dinner within a museum in a boat.

The driver said that it became so popular that you can now reserve the space for about $5,000 so that you can re-create your dinner similar to Justin Bieber.

University Area

We drove by two universities as well. One of them was a French Speaking one and the other was English.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

Green Space

Many of the neighborhoods along the way had a lot of trees and green space.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

The tour concluded in the Forks area, which offers plenty of shopping and a gourmet food court with wine tasting and craft beer.

Winnipeg City TourWinnipeg City Tour

The driver dropped us off at our hotel at the conclusion of the tour.

Winnipeg City Tour


I enjoyed the Winnipeg Trolley Company Tour. It provided an excellent overview of the city. The tour gave me a list of places that I want to visit during my time in Winnipeg. We were able to get a good overview of the city within an hour or so. The driver and tour guide was friendly and he was very knowledgeable about the city. He made me want to learn more about the city.

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