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Going on a Tequila Factory Tour in Mexico

by John the Wanderer
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Tequila Factory Tour

During the trip, we went on a Tequila Factory Tour.  Our friends drove us to Tequila, Mexico which was about an hour and thirty minute drive from the city.

The drive took us through agave fields as well as some hills and small mountains.

Tequila Factory Tour

Once we arrived in Tequila we passed by a few tequila factories as well as vendors that sell tequila in various sizes from barrels down to small bottles.

Tequila Factory TourTequila Factory TourTequila Factory Tour

The city also featured a town square with cobblestone streets and a square with a few stores. In addition, there was a market setup with vendors selling gift items, street food and of course tequila.

Tequila Factory TourTequila Factory Tour

We made our way over to the Casa Sauza  which is the factory where Sauza produces its tequila. Casa Sauza is located in several buildings within the city center.

Tequila Factory Tour

When we arrived, we found a large square with green space inside. Within the green space were statues of tequila barrels as well as of the agave plant.

Tequila Factory TourTequila Factory Tour

In addition, there was a restaurant and gift shop within the square.


The tour could be reserved via the gift shop. When we arrived, we were told that they were giving complimentary tours that day because they were selling a new and stronger tequila.

The tour was given in Spanish; however, our friends translated the main details to us during the tour.

We waited for about 10 minutes before the next tour started.

The first part of the tour was a demonstration on how the agave plants are harvested and turned into pineapples which are processed for use in the production of the beverage.

Tequila Factory Tour

The harvesting is often a very manual process. A farmer showed how they use special blades to chop the leaves off of the plant and shape it into the pineapples.

Tequila Factory Tour

We were informed that the growth time for the agave plant can take up to eight years and there is a period of rest in between plant cycles which requires them to have a lot of agave plants throughout the country.

After the demonstration on the conversion of the agave plant into the pineapples, the tour guide asked us to walk a few blocks to one of the other buildings.

When we arrived at that building, we were given vests and hard hats. Pictures and video was not allowed within the plant.

Tequila Factory TourTequila Factory Tour

Everyone had a few minutes to take pictures outside the plant before they invited everyone into a large room where the tequila was stored in barrels.

Aging Process

The room was climate controlled to a specific humidity level.

There were various water tubes and tequila tubes that were connected so that the barrels could be filled and the product could move from one area to the next within the plant.

The tour guide discussed the various types of tequila that Sauza produces from the blanco one which is good in mixed drinks to the darker ones and stronger ones which are better for sipping.

We were given samples of the newest type, which was the strongest at about 60 proof.

The tour guide explained how to breath and to smell and inspect the tequila like you would wine.

Tequila Factory Tour

Once we had the sample, we exited the room with the barrels and the tour guide walked us to another building where the tequila is processed.

Tequila Processing

At Sauza the process was automated so only a few staff members were required to product and distill the tequila.

The plant was setup where a truck drops off the pineapples and machines process them. Once the pinnapples are processed they flow and are cooked and converted into syrup and juice. The syrup and juice is further moved along in the process to distilling. At the distilling process, the juice is evaporated and then converted back into water a couple times to improve the quality.

After walking through the production facility, we were given more samples of the various types of tequila.

The tour continued as we exited the production facility after walking through the area where the finished tequila is stored before it is bottled.

Tequila Factory Tour

In between one of the buildings there is a public mural which shows how tequila was discovered. The mural showed the various stages that one goes through with drinking. These include joy and excitement to sadness, sorrow as well as being passed out.

Barrel Making

The tour concluded with a demonstration on barrel making. A worker assembles the barrels by hand and they light a fire inside to burn them. The burned insides add to the flavoring of the finished product.

Tequila Factory TourTequila Factory Tour

We were given a frozen flavored margarita at the end of the tour and the children received non-alcoholic margaritas.

Tequila Factory Tour

There was an opportunity to buy tequila there but we did not choose to do so.

I thought the tour was a lot of fun and it was interesting seeing how tequila was produced.

Have you visited Tequila, Mexico?

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