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VIP Lounge Guadalajara Airport Lounge

by John the Wanderer
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VIP Lounge Guadalajara

My wife and I had about an hour and a half to spare in the Guadalajara airport so we visited the VIP Lounge Guadalajara Airport Lounge. The lounge is a great Priority Pass Lounge available for us to relax within the airport.

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We approached the lounge and discovered a modern decorated entrance.

VIP Lounge Guadalajara

As we approached, an agent welcomed us and he asked for our membership cards and boarding passes. We provided the cards and he processed the registration. The agent thanked us and he welcomed us into the lounge.

Lounge Setup

Inside, the lounge was medium-sized and it featured various tables and chairs and seating areas.

VIP Lounge GuadalajaraVIP Lounge Guadalajara

The lounge  had modern black and gray colors and it looked upbeat.

VIP Lounge Guadalajara

A relaxation area was available with comfortable chairs.

In addition, a meeting room and business center area was available to rent for meetings.

Near the entrance to the lounge, there was a hosted bar with a friendly bartender that greeted us when we entered and he offered to prepare drinks.

VIP Lounge Guadalajara

The bar featured a variety of alcohol beverages as well as three different varieties of beer. An espresso machine was present as well.


A buffet was setup with both hot and cold food items.

VIP Lounge GuadalajaraVIP Lounge Guadalajara

The hot items included chicken tenders, soup and a cheese quesadilla

The cold items included salads, sandwiches, pre-packaged nuts and fruit.

Lounge Experience

My wife and I took a seat at one of the tables and relaxed while we waited for our flight.

The lounge did not feature windows; however, it had artwork that made the room feel more open and inviting.

I approached the bar and the bartender greeted me again. I requested a margarita.

The bartender thanked me and he prepared the drink and he delivered it from a serving tray at our table.

VIP Lounge Guadalajara

The bartender checked back with us a few times and he was friendly and welcoming.

The margarita was served on the rocks and it had a tangy flavor and a smooth tequila in it.

From the buffet I selected a quesadilla and a chicken tender.

VIP Lounge Guadalajara

The quesadilla was served slightly warm. The quesadilla tasted fresh and it had a good cheese flavor.

The chicken tender was also served slightly warm and it had a good taste and flavor.

When we were ready to leave, the bartender thanked us and he cleaned our table and he wished us a good flight.

The agent at the desk also thanked us and he wished us a good day.

Overall it was a great visit. We felt that this was one of the best Priority Pass lounges we have visited in North America/Caribbean. It was clean and modern and the bartender was excellent. We would return again in the future.

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