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American Guadalajara Dallas Fort Worth

by John the Wanderer
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American Guadalajara Dallas Fort Worth

We arrived at the Guadalajara airport to travel American Guadalajara Dallas Fort Worth about two hours early.

Trip Details

Date: July 19, 2016

Flight: American 5627

From: Guadalajara – GDL

To: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

Aircraft: CR9

Seats: 2D, 2F

Check In

We approached the check in area and found that there was no waiting.

An agent welcomed us up to the desk and he processed our bags and provided the bag claim checks and extra copies of our boarding passes. The agent thanked us sincerely and he provided instructions on where to go for security.

We approached the security area and after waiting for about five minutes, we were able to go through it and into the terminal.

The security exits into a large duty-free shopping area.

After walking through the store we visited the Priority Pass lounge before making our way to the gate about the time that boarding was scheduled to leave.


American Guadalajara Dallas Fort Worth

The gate area had plenty of chairs available and it was clean.

We joined the line and after waiting for a few minutes, a gate agent greeted us and asked to view our passports and boarding passes. We provided them and the gate agent thanked us and invited us to board.

Some secondary security screenings occurred just inside the jetway; however, we were not selected.

During the walkway, you were able to look out at the tarmac and we saw the CR9 that would take us to Dallas.

American Guadalajara Dallas Fort Worth

Once we reached the door to the plane, a very friendly flight attendant welcomed us on board.

Our seats were comfortable and they were the standard first class offering on the plane.

A few minutes after we were seated, the flight attendant offered a pre-departure beverage. We ordered water and she provided it quickly.

Boarding continued and the plane was almost full by the time it completed.

Flight Experience

The flight departed the gate on time and there was a short taxi before we took off and made our way to Dallas.

Once we were in the air, the friendly flight attendant returned to our seat and she offered a choice of beverages.

I ordered a vodka cranberry and the flight attendant thanked me and she provided it within a few minutes.

American Guadalajara Dallas Fort Worth

The drink was served in a plastic cup without a lime. When I asked for one, the flight attendant said that they do not have limes on American Eagle flights because of the limited galley.

The drink was fresh and it had a good taste. The alcohol level was good.


A minute or two later, the flight attendant offered a salad or wrap for the meal. I ordered the salad and she thanked me and provided it a few minutes later.

American Guadalajara Dallas Fort Worth

The salad was served chilled and it was a mixture of lettuce, cucumbers, tomato, eggs and carrots with grilled chicken on top. The vegetables and fruit was fresh and had a good taste. The egg was also fresh. The chicken was tender and it was surprisingly juice. The size of the meal was medium. The salad was served with bread sticks and chocolate wafer cookies. Both were pre-packaged and they had a good taste.

The salad was nearly identical to the one served from Phoenix.

The flight attendant checked back with us several times during the flight and offered more beverages.

Once we finished our meals, the flight attendant picked up the tray and she cleaned the area.

The flight attendant was available throughout the flight and she made us feel welcome.

Our flight landed early and there was a medium length taxi before we reached a gate.

As we exited the plane, the flight attendant thanked us sincerely.

Immigration and Customs

The flight arrived in the B terminal and we had to walk over to the D terminal and then all the way through the D terminal before we reached immigration and customs.

We made use of Global Entry and exited the immigration area within a few minutes.

There was some confusion about where our bags would be delivered because the flight was not displayed on the monitors; however, after a few minutes we located them and the bags were already available.

We joined a short line for customs and quickly passed through the check point before we re-checked our bags for the flight to Minneapolis.

We made our way back upstairs to the check in area, and entered the security line. Pre-check was available and we went through security within five minutes.

Overall it was a great flight. We felt that the flight attendant was one of the best ones we have had in a long time. She made us feel welcome and was attentive throughout the flight.

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