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American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

Our flight on American Dallas Minneapolis was delayed about an hour due to a late incoming plane.

Trip Details

Date: July 19, 2016

Flight: American 239

From: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Gate Area

We made our way to the gate area about 40 minutes before the new scheduled departure time.

The gate area was busy with activity and there were no seats readily available so we stood and waited for boarding to begin.

After waiting for about 15 minutes, the gate agent welcomed guests to board.


After joining the line, we were greeted promptly by the gate agent who welcomed us after we scanned our boarding passes.

A flight attendant greeted us at the entrance to the plane and he welcomed us aboard.

We located our seats on the 737 aircraft. The seat was a standard first class seat on American. The airplane featured overhead video and WiFi as well as power outlets at the seats in first class.

American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

The boarding continued for a while and the flight attendants offered water or juice for a pre-departure beverage. We declined at that time and the flight attendant thanked us.

The flight departed the gate about an hour and 10 minutes later than the original scheduled time.

There was a short taxi before we were up in the air.

In Flight Experience

The flight was in the late evening so a limited service with drinks, nuts and warmed cookies was provided during the flight.

After we were in the air, the flight attendant greeted us and offered a beverage. We ordered water and he provided it along with the nut mix.

American Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis

The flight attendant checked back with us several times during the flight and he kept the water glasses full.

About halfway through the flight, the flight attendant offered the warm chocolate chip cookie. We both declined it at the time and the flight attendant thanked us.

The flight went by quickly and soon enough we were approaching Minneapolis.


The plane landed about an hour later than the originally scheduled time. There was a short taxi and then we had to park short of the gate while we waited for staff to arrive to guide the plane in.

After waiting about 10 minutes, the staff arrived and the plane made its way to the gate.

The flight attendants thanked us as we were departing the plane.

We made our way to the baggage claim area and waited about 20 minutes before our bags were delivered. There were several flights that arrived around the same time and all the American flights used the same baggage claim so we had to wait for two flights before ours to be delivered. The luggage arrived in good condition.


Overall it was an excellent trip. We had a great time visiting our friends in Guadalajara. The last flight was quick and despite the delay, we felt that the flight was enjoyable.

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