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Escape Lounge MSP – Another Look

by John the Wanderer
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a room with chairs and tables

Escape Lounge MSP – Another Look

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

Lounge Visit

My wife and I arrived at the airport about an hour and 30 minutes before our flight to Dallas. After clearing security, we had about one hour and 15 minutes before the flight so we went to the Escape Lounge MSP.

My friend, Colin, previously reviewed the lounge shortly after it became a Priority Pass Lounge.

You can join Priority Pass using my affiliate link and you can get access to this awesome lounge as well as thousands of others within the network.

This was my first visit to the lounge, while it was my wives second visit.


The lounge is located on the second floor of the mall area of MSP airport near the E gates. The lounge is accessed via elevator or stairs. A small sign noting that it is a Priority Pass lounge is located by the elevator.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

Upon arrival in the lounge, a friendly agent welcomed us and processed our registration using Priority Pass. The agent requested our Priority Pass card and boarding pass. After processing, she asked us to sign the terminal for access. Once we signed the screen, the agent told us about the facilities available within the lounge and she asked us to enjoy our visit.

Lounge Setup

The lounge is clean and modern in appearance and it offered several different areas for seating.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

Some of the tables and chairs were located near the window which allowed for a view of the aircraft in the E and F gate areas.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

The other seating included a variety of tables, chairs, couches and relaxation areas.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

The lounge had the food buffet at the center of the room and a hosted bar further to the back of the lounge.

There were some community tables available that were decorated with small plants and it had a pleasant appearance.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

Food Options

The buffet area offered pastries, cheese, fruit, meat and yogurt in the cold food area.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another LookEscape Lounge MSP - Another Look

A hot food station was also available with breakfast meat, breakfast burritos and a small egg dish. In addition, oatmeal was available with brown sugar and granola toppings.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

A coffee station was available along with drink coolers. Near the buffet the coffee station offered regular or decaf coffee.

A second coffee station was setup in one of the side rooms. The coffee featured an Espresso machine with Dunns Brothers Espresso offering a variety of drink options.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

Chilled beverages were available including Fiji Branded water, Coca-Cola and Sparkling water.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

Desserts including mini cakes and cookies were also available at the station.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look


Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

The bar was setup neatly and sparkling wine and the for purchase items were highlighted at the side of the bar. The bottles were arranged neatly. The bartender had a menu with the complimentary items as well as the for purchase items.

Alcohol was only offered after 6:00 AM so I had a cappuccino and a bottle of water rather than partaking in a drink.

My selections and Lounge Experience

I selected oatmeal with granola and brown sugar and prepared a cappuccino from the machine.

Escape Lounge MSP - Another Look

The oatmeal was served hot. The oatmeal was hearty and it had a good flavor. The toppings were sweet and they were also fresh. The quality was excellent.

The cappuccino was served hot and the Dunns Brothers Espresso was excellent. The milk was creamy and it had a good taste and flavor.

My wife and I selected a table near the windows and we relaxed for a while before our flight. A server greeted us several times and he offered to clean our table or answer questions.

When we were ready to depart, the server thanked us and he wished us a good day. In addition, as we were walking past the reception desk, the agent thanked us and she wished us a pleasant flight.


It was a good visit to the Escape Lounge. The lounge is one of the best Priority Pass Lounges in North America and it is awesome to have this lounge available at Minneapolis St. Paul Airport. The staff that we encountered were upbeat, friendly and helpful. We felt warmly welcomed to the lounge.

Have you had a chance to visit the Escape Lounge at MSP?


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