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Escape Lounge MSP

by John the Wanderer
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Visiting the Escape Lounge MSP

Escape Lounge MSP

The Escape Lounge opened in MSP at the end of last year but I didn’t get a chance to visit it till recently. The lounge is in Terminal 1 just above the entrance to concourse E on the mezzanine level accessible by stairs or elevator.

Escape Lounge MSP

Lounge Access

Access to the lounge costs $45 at the desk, or they have a $5 discount if you buy in advance online. The lounge is also part of the Priority Pass network. I was able to get free access from my Select membership that comes with American Express, guests are allowed as well through Priority Pass for $27 per person. The lounge seems to be very unknown since it opened, over the couple of hours I spent in it before my flight there was never more than maybe 10 people in it.

If you don’t already have Priority Pass, please consider applying using my affiliate link. I appreciate your support of the John the Wanderer Blog.

Lounge Setup

There is a large sitting area to your right of the reception desk. To the left of the reception desk you will find the self-serve food options, which were quite substantial (compared to the SkyClub). Past that is a very nice row of seats up against the window for great airplane watching, directly opposite the main dining/bar area.

Escape Lounge MSP

Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP

Food Options

Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP

Dining Area

img_3521 Escape Lounge MSP

Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP

For Purchase Menu

In addition to the self-serve options there is an à la carte menu with food to buy, as well as complementary and for purchase liquor.

Escape Lounge MSP Escape Lounge MSP

I ordered the ‘twin cities sunrise’ with scrambled eggs from the menu at a cost of $7.49.


The restroom is oddly located outside of the club. The front desk gives you a key-card to get back in, and you exit into a back hallway behind the bar, walk down a bit and the restrooms are on the right. To re-enter the club via this backdoor you scan the key-card to unlock the back door.

Escape Lounge MSP


By now my food was ready, and to my delight the serving size was actually very substantial. The bacon was nice and crispy and the eggs were quite good.

Escape Lounge MSP

I didn’t have anything off the liquor menu but did have a nice coffee, and to my surprise the self-serve free bottles of water were Figi.

Escape Lounge MSP


Overall I think this is hands down the best lounge in MSP, and I will definitely be going there instead of the SkyClub in the future.

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