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Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

This article is Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club. It is a review of my experience visiting the main Delta Sky Club at Minneapolis Airport.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

The Sky Club review is part of my Chicago Spring Work Trip.


I accessed the Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club thanks to my American Express Platinum Card. When I travel on Delta, I get access to the lounge.

Only the cardholder gets this benefit, as all guests are $27.

If you have Priority Pass, you can access the PGA Lounge MSP where you get $15 credit to Ike’s, French Meadow and Rock Bottom which you can use towards food and beverages.

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There are two Delta Sky Clubs at MSP Airport. The main club which is located within the mall area and a smaller club located in the C gate area.

I visited the Main Club for this visit.


I arrived at the Delta Sky Club and noted three agents present and two other guests were waiting.

One agent was checking guests in using a tablet while the other agents were stationed at desks.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

The lounge features CLEAR check in, which allows CLEAR members to use their fingerprints to verify your identity.

CLEAR is a great option because it allows you to speed through check in at the airport as you generally can bypass the TSA identification check.

The mobile agent greeted me when I arrived and asked for my boarding pass. I presented the boarding pass and American Express card.

The agent welcomed me, provided the gate information for my flight to Chicago as well as wished me a good day.


The lounge is setup in a large room with various seating on the lower level and tables and chairs and the bar and snack area on the main level.

The lounge was about 80% occupied when I arrived and the majority of the tables and chairs were taken.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

Many of the chairs in the lounge are modern in appearance and some are oversized.

A business center area was present with computer workstations.

The main level offered smaller tables and chairs and was focused around the food.

You can sign up for CLEAR within the lounge which is a nice addition.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

The lounge is decorated neatly.


The bar area was setup neatly. The bottled were fronted and on display to promote the for purchase items.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

One specialty cocktail from the luxury menu is available each month. This month included a sparkling wine drink with a sugar cube and elderflower liquor.

The bartenders were stationed at the bar and one of them greeted me when I arrived.

The bartender inquired about my day and she offered to prepare a cocktail. When I ordered the specialty cocktail, she thanked me and she prepared it. She asked if I tried one before and I said no. She said it was excellent and it was a good choice.

The bartender prepared the drink and presented it in a clean decorative glass with a lemon twist.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

The cocktail was refreshing and it had a mild flavor. The sugar and elderflower was excellent and it went well with the sparkling wine.


The lounge was offering lunch during my visit.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main ClubDelta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

The food area was setup neatly and it consisted of several stations with both hot and cold food.

The chilled items included a gourmet salad bar with multiple vegetables, lettuce and toppings.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

A cheese and cracker station was also available.

All the chilled items were presented neatly and signs were present listing what was offered.

The hot items included mac and cheese and a rice dish as well as two soups.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

The hot foods were displayed neatly.

Fresh fruit and cookies were also available.

A self-service soda and coffee station was present.

The Starbucks espresso machine was not available during the visit as it was being serviced. A sign was present on the machine noting this.

Delta Sky Club Minneapolis Main Club

I had just enjoyed a snack from French Meadow so I did not sample any of the food offerings on this visit.

I worked in the business center area for a while prior to departing the lounge.


When I was ready to depart, I noted that the lounge was around 70% occupied at the time.

My departure was acknowledged by one of the servers on the lower level. The server wished me a good day.

When I walked by the reception desk, one of the team members thanked me and wished me a good flight.


My visit to the Delta Sky Club MSP Main Club was good overall. It was nice that a luxury cocktail is available at the bar each month. The team members that I interacted with were polite. The lounge was busy with activity as per normal, but I was able to get some work done in the business area. The food offerings were stocked well and multiple items were available. The visit was enjoyable overall.

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