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PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

by John the Wanderer
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PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

This article is PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack. It is a review of my experience visiting the PGA Lounge as well as having a snack at French Meadow thanks to the Priority Pass $15 credit.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

This article is part of my Chicago Spring Work Trip.


I accessed the PGA Lounge MSP French Meadow Snack thanks to my Priority Pass membership.

Priority Pass members plus one guest can access this lounge and receive a $15 credit per person for food, drinks or golf experiences. The credit is best when used at one of the three restaurants: Ike’s, French Meadow and Rock Bottom. You can also eat at Champions Grill which is inside the lounge.

If you have an American Express Platinum Card you can also access the Escape Lounge and the Delta Skyclub (when flying Delta).


The PGA Lounge MSP is located in the mall area above Ike’s restaurant.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

The lounge is accessed via stairs or elevator.


I arrived at the PGA Lounge MSP and joined a line of two other guests. One staff member was present at the reception desk.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

After the team member assisted the other guests, he invited me forward and welcomed me to the lounge.

The agent processed my Priority Pass card and asked if I visited the lounge before. I said yes and he welcomed me back.

The agent asked me to sign the Priority Pass terminal and he informed me about the $15 food and beverage credit. The agent provided the voucher and he welcomed me to the lounge.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

The lounge had a few people inside.

I took the voucher and made my way to French Meadow for a snack.

French Meadow

French Meadow offers sit down meals as well as take out via the quick service counter.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

The full menu is available at the quick service counter.

The restaurant offers breakfast in the morning until 11am and then a lunch and dinner menu of sandwiches, salads and baked goods.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

Due to a limited amount of time, I elected to try out the quick service line.

Quick Service

I joined a line of five other guests and noted that one colleague was present at the order area.

The line went along the quick grab area where you could get sandwiches, salads and baked goods

After waiting for about six minutes, I reached the front of the line.

The team member welcomed me and asked what I would like to order.

I ordered the Fruit and Nut Pancake and a small Miel Latte.

The total was $14.50. I presented my Priority Pass voucher and the team member thanked me. She processed the payment and did not issue a receipt as it was less than $15. The agent presented a number for the pancake and she said she would have my coffee shortly.

The team member asked me to wait near the register area for the coffee.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

I took a seat near the window and watched a Spirit aircraft being repaired.

The restaurant offers a great view out towards the E gates so you can watch the plane activity. In addition, you can see one of the runways so you can watch planes take off and land.

Food and Beverage

I ordered a Café Miel and Fruit and Nut Pancake.

I waited for three minutes and then the team member presented the coffee and asked me to enjoy.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

The Café Miel was served hot. The espresso was fresh and it had a good taste. The drink had a sweet honey flavor and was excellent overall.

The pancake was served about four minutes later.

A team member presented the pancake and he asked me to enjoy it.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport French Meadow Snack

The pancake was served hot and it was served on to-go packaging.

The entree was large in size and fresh and hearty.

The fruit and nut pancake was served with bananas on top as well as chopped walnuts. Butter and syrup was served on the side.

The pancake had an excellent taste and I enjoyed the snack.


When I was ready to depart, I bussed my own table and exited the restaurant.

My departure was not acknowledged.

At the time I was leaving, there were three guests in line and two team members were assisting them at the register.


I enjoy being able to have a restaurant snack or meal thanks to Priority Pass. French Meadow is my favorite spot as they have excellent food that is hearty and healthy overall. It is nice that the airport offers the PGA Lounge as it can offer a spot to get away from the terminal. The staff that I interacted with were friendly and polite and I felt welcome.

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