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Airspace Lounge San Diego Morning Visit

by John the Wanderer
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Airspace Lounge San Diego Morning Visit

This article is Airspace Lounge San Diego Morning Visit. It is a review of my experience visiting the Airspace Lounge at San Diego airport.

Airspace Lounge

The lounge review is part of my San Diego Spring Experience.


I gained access to the Airspace Lounge thanks to my American Express Platinum Card. The lounge is part of the Global Lounge Collection.

You can also access the Delta Sky Club in the airport thanks to the American Express card when you travel on Delta.

The Airspace Lounge is also available to American Airlines Admirals Club members and some international passengers on other airlines.

Airspace Lounge

There is an United Club at the airport as well.


The Airspace Lounge is located in the San Diego airport near gate 22 in Terminal 2. All passengers in the terminal 2 can access the lounge.

You may be able to access the lounge if you are traveling from Terminal 1 if TSA allows you to enter as the terminals are not connected.


I arrived at the lounge and found that the entrance is non-descript, but it had a few signs indicating who could access the lounge.

Airspace Lounge

Once entering, there are three check-in desks. The first two were for American Airlines and were staffed by American Airlines team members.

The third desk was for American Express.

Airspace Lounge

I approached the third desk and was greeted within a minute by a friendly agent who welcomed me to the lounge.

The agent informed me about the lounge amenities and provided a menu and explained that I received a $10 credit for the bar or food items.

The lounge also offers some complimentary items as well.

The agent welcomed me into the lounge.

Lounge Setup

The Airspace Lounge is located in one room on the departure level of the airport.

Airspace Lounge

The windows offer views of the American Airlines gates and the tarmac.

Airspace Lounge

The seating is spread out throughout the room.

Airspace Lounge

The lounge activity level was low upon arrival and there were plenty of seats available.

A bar was located at the center of the room and it was setup neatly.

Airspace Lounge

The premium beverages were available on display; however, complimentary items were available.

The menu offered food items for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the prices were between $5 and $20.

Airspace Lounge

Premiums drinks were available for around $12-$15.

Airspace Lounge

The complimentary items included Peet’s Coffee in an espresso machine as well as regular Peet’s coffee.

Airspace Lounge

Light snacks including pastries and bagels were available along with sodas.

The lounge offers a shower facility and clean restrooms.

Lounge Experience

I located a seat and relaxed for a few minutes.

Airspace Lounge

After reviewing the menu, I selected the European cheese and meat plate and approached the bar to order.

The bartender greeted me and tool my order. I ordered the cheese and meat plate as well as a spicy Bloody Mary.

The meal had a total cost of $8. I provided the voucher and the agent thanked me.

Vouchers cannot be combined, so most of the items will incur a cost. The voucher is also only good for the day.

The meal was prepared within three minutes and it was served promptly at my table.

Airspace Lounge

The cheese and meat plate were displayed nearly. Two types of meat were available along with cheddar cheese.

The cheese was fresh, and the meat had a good taste.

The Bloody Mary was served chilled over ice. It was poured strong and the alcohol had a sharp bitter taste.

I also made a cappuccino from the Peet’s machine.

Airspace Lounge

The cappuccino was served hot. The espresso had an excellent taste and flavor and the milk was creamy.

After relaxing for a few minutes an agent returned to the table and inquired about my meal. I said it was good and she thanked me.


When I was ready to depart the lounge, the bartenders thanked me sincerely when I walked by and they wished me a good day.

The agent at the reception desk also thanked me and invited me to have a good flight.

The lounge was approximately 15% occupied when I departed.


The Airspace Lounge was clean and comfortable throughout the visit. The views of the American Airlines planes were fantastic, and the experience was good overall. I enjoyed the Peet’s coffee and the cheese and meat plate had a good taste. The staff was polite. The visit was enjoyable overall.

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