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Farmer’s Bottega Dinner

by John the Wanderer
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Farmer’s Bottega Dinner

This article is Farmer’s Bottega Dinner. It is an overview of my dinner experience at Farmer’s Bottega in San Diego.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

My review of Farmer’s Bottega is part of my San Diego Spring Adventure.


Farmer’s Bottega is located in the Old Town area of San Diego on a hip block that offered bars, restaurants and activities.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

I utilized Lyft to reach the location and found the experience easy. You can also take UBER there.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

Farmer’s Bottega

Farmer’s Bottega is a farm to table restaurant located in San Diego’s old town. The restaurant partners with local farms to provide exceptional dishes that change regularly with what ingredients are available.

The restaurant has a hip environment decorated with cool light fixtures.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

Wine bottles are present on the wall in a cool hip appearance.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

A sign on the wall indicates where all the ingredients was sourced at the time.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The chef has imaginative dishes with classic ingredients that are fresh from the farm to the table.

Guests can dine inside the restaurant in the hip spot or dine alfresco in the back on the patio.

Farmer's Bottega DinnerFarmer's Bottega Dinner

The patio was setup neatly with cool lights on the trees which created a warm atmosphere.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

A cool craft cocktail menu is available, and the bartenders mix fun cocktails to go along with your visit.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

Farmer’s Bottega offers specials throughout the week including a couple’s night on Wednesday, where you get a meal for two for a reasonable price which can allow for an awesome date night.

Check out Farmer’s Bottega on TripAdvisor for other reviews and more information.


I arrived at Farmer’s Bottega and was immediately greeted by the manager and host who escorted me to a table and welcomed me warmly to the restaurant.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner


The manager offered menus and welcomed me.

Farmer's Bottega DinnerFarmer's Bottega Dinner

Dinner Experience

A minute after I was seated, the server warmly welcomed me to the restaurant and he provided an overview of the menu, made some excellent appetizer suggestions as well as reviewed the cocktail menu with me.

The server pointed out the cocktails and I selected a bourbon based one.

The server provided the drink a few minutes later.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The drink was served in a cool glass and it was garnished neatly with Rosemary leaves which smelled amazing as I supped on the awesome cocktail. The drink was mixed well and it was smooth and had an excellent flavor.


The server suggested I sample a couple of the appetizers and he suggested the Bison Tartar.

In addition, the manager recommended that I try the Barrata and a tomato jar.

I accepted the suggestions and ordered the three recommended items.

The jars come in pairs, so you can try a couple items.

Water was also provided for me in a mason jar.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The appetizers were served within 10 minutes of ordering.

The Bison Tartar was presented attractively with two sauces and toasted bread.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The Bison was tender, and it was cut into small pieces and served with avocado, mango pomegranate salsa, capers and garlic. It was presented neatly with a sunny side egg on top.

One of the sauces was a hoisin one that was sweet and went well with the beef. The other sauce was a pesto which added a totally different taste that also enhanced the flavor.

The beef was excellent in taste and flavor. The avocado and salsa mixture were creamy and full of flavor. Each bite was excellent and the sunny side up egg further added a creaminess to the dish.

The second appetizer was Barrata Jar and Tomato Jar.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The two jars were presented attractively on a plate with rosemary bread to eat with the cheese and tomato mixture.

The Tomato Jam Jar was served with ricotta cheese.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The tomatoes were sweet and had an excellent taste. The ricotta cheese was creamy, and it paired excellently with the tomatoes. The glass jar presentation was attractive.

The Burrata Jam was served with caramelized pecans and mission figs.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The burrata was creamy and bold in flavor. The cheese was tender, and it had an excellent taste. The caramelized pecans and figs were sweet, and they provided a nice contrast to the cheese. Each bite was excellent.

The rosemary bread that was served with the jars was crispy and it had a nice hint of rosemary.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The server and manager checked in with me a couple times during the visit and they were noted to provide a similar experience to all the other guests in the restaurant.

I had a second drink towards the end of the appetizer course which was a play on a Hotty Totty that was chilled.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The drink was a bit sweeter than the first option and it was a good choice for after the appetizers.

After I finished the appetizers, the table was manicured, and the used dishes were removed.


For the entrée, I went with the server’s recommendation of the stuffed quail which is an award winning dish from a local San Diego magazine.

The stuffed quail was served shortly after the appetizer dishes were cleared from the table.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The stuffed quail was presented well and two quails were offered for a very generous serving size.

The quail was tender, and it had a great flavor.

The quail was rubbed with a tangy herb mixture. It was stuffed with manchango, chopped andouille sausage and raisings. The stuffing was sweet and tangy in flavor and was excellent.

The quail was served on top a bed of excellently massed potatoes and herb soft polenta. Both were excellent and had an incredible taste.

Tender fresh veggie’s including carrots and bok choy were served with the dish.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

A tangy sauce was served on the outside and it enhanced the flavor.

The server checked in with me and asked about the entrée and how I liked it with the drink.

In addition, the manager checked in while I was enjoying the entrée.


After I finished the entrée and the plate was cleared away at Farmer’s Bottega Dinner Experience, the server presented a dessert menu and offered coffee.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The server recommended the Crème Brulee or the Bread Pudding which were both made fresh in house.

I ordered the bread pudding.

The server provided it a few minutes later.

Farmer's Bottega Dinner

The bread putting was served warm and it had a hint of fresh apricot inside and it was rich and creamy and had an excellent taste and flavor.

The bread putting was topped with a scoop of vanilla gelato and mint and fresh fruit was served alongside the dish.

Each bite was sweet, creamy and bold in flavor and it was an excellent conclusion to the meal.


After I finished the meal, both the server and the manager checked in with me similar to they did with the other tables.

The estimated cost of the meal was $125.

The server thanked me for dining at the restaurant and he wished me a good evening.

The manager also thanked me sincerely when I departed.


I had an amazing dinner experience at Farmer’s Bottega in San Diego. The farm to table concept restaurant in Old Town offers a unique menu of fresh and inspirational dishes matched with craft cocktails. The service was excellent, and I felt like the servers and manager was thankful to all the guests dining that evening. Overall it was an awesome dinner.

Note: Farmer’s Bottega hosted me for a complimentary dinner. I was connected to Farmer’s Bottega thanks to San Diego Tourism Authority. The views expressed above were my own.


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