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American Airlines Dallas Cabo

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Dallas Cabo

This trip report covers American Airlines Dallas Cabo where we flew on a 737 in the economy cabin from Dallas Fort Worth to Cabo San Lucas.

American Airlines Dallas Cabo

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Trip Details

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Flight: American

From: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

To: Cabo San Lucas – SJD

Aircraft: 737-800

Seats: 7B and 7C

Connection in Dallas

We had around one hour in between flights at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Our flight arrived in the D terminal and our departing flight left from the same terminal.

We approached the boarding area about 30 minutes prior to the scheduled flight time. When we arrived boarding had already began and the gate area was light in activity.


We joined the line and the gate agent greeted us and asked us to scan our boarding passes. After we scanned them, the agent thanked us and invited us onboard after reviewing our passports.

We boarded the aircraft and the flight attendants welcomed us onboard.

We located our seat in the first row of the economy cabin and were able to store all our bags in the overhead bin right by our row.


American Airlines Dallas Cabo

The seats were standard Main Cabin Extra seats in the bulkhead row. The seats had airbags as part of the seat belt due to the solid divider between cabins.

Boarding was slow; however, everyone eventually boarded and it appeared that the flight was full.

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for departure and they showed the safety video.

The flight departed the gate on time and after a short taxi we were up in the air.

In-Flight Experience

After about 25 minutes, the flight attendants entered the cabin and the first one offered a choice between pretzels or Biscoff cookies.

American Airlines Dallas Cabo

The flight attendant asked us about what drinks we wanted during the flight.

We requested vodka cranberry drinks.

The flight attendant returned a minute or two later and offered each of us two bottles of vodka and one can of cranapple. The flight attendant offered a snack and we requested the snack box. The flight attendant provided it and he thanked us and asked us to enjoy.

American Airlines Dallas Cabo

My wife teased me about taking the picture by having her finger in the way of the image.

We poured the drinks and relaxed and enjoyed them on the two-hour flight.

American Airlines Dallas Cabo

The snack box consisted of cheese, crackers, salami, olives and chocolates. The snack was fresh and all the items had a good taste and flavor.

American Airlines Dallas Cabo

After we finished the snack, a flight attendant picked up the used items and they circulated the cabin several times.

The flight went by quickly and soon enough the flight attendants were preparing the cabin for landing.

Landing and Immigration and Customs

The plane landed about 15 minutes early and after a 10-minute taxi we arrived at a gate.

We made our way to the immigration area. After waiting for about 15 minutes, we reached the immigration officer and were invited into Mexico.

We moved to the baggage claim area and located our bags within five minutes. Once we had our bags, we approached the customs area and were asked to press the button. When we pressed the button, we received the green light and were invited outside the security area.

Once outside the area, there were two rooms with time share presentation staff trying to offer transportation in exchange for a ride from the airport.

Once we made it through the second room we were outside at the transportation area.


Overall it was a great flight. The flight attendants made us feel welcome and it was nice that they offered the additional drinks for my wife even though she is not an Executive Platinum.

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