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American Airlines Minneapolis Dallas Fort Worth

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Minneapolis Dallas Fort Worth

This post covers our Hawaii vacation trip experience flying American Airlines Minneapolis Dallas Fort Worth.

Trip Details

Date: January 18, 2017

Flight: American 1380

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: Dallas Fort Worth – DFW

Aircraft: 737

Seat: 5D


I received a complimentary upgrade to first class on the flight from Minneapolis to Dallas at the time of departure.

Check In Experience

We arrived at the airport a couple hours before our departure time and approached the American Airlines check in area. There was no waiting in line and we were assisted by an agent immediately.

The agent processed our bags and offered to print our boarding passes. We previously checked in online, so we said we did not need it. The agent thanked us and wished us a good trip to Maui.

We processed to security. Unfortunately, my e-boarding pass did not work so I had to return to the check in desk to get a paper one. In hindsight, I guess I should have let the agent print the boarding passes for us.

Despite the delay at security, we were still able to clear TSA in under 10 minutes.

Gate Area

We proceeded to the boarding area at the scheduled boarding time. The area was busy with activity.

Boarding started on time. I noticed that my upgrade cleared via the screens at the gate.

We joined the line when boarding was called, and when we reached the agent, the agent scanned my boarding pass and he said I was upgraded and provided the new one.

We somehow were assigned seats next to each other without having to ask other passengers to switch with us. That was surprising since the upgrades were processed at different times.

The gate agent wished us a good flight.


American Airlines Minneapolis Dallas Fort Worth

The aircraft was a 737 that was updated with seatback entertainment, wifi and power ports.

American Airlines Minneapolis Dallas Fort Worth

The seat was a standard domestic first class seat and it was comfortable for the short flight to Dallas.

The entertainment system offered 100’s of movies and television shows and it functioned without issue. The sound and video quality was good. The monitors in the first class cabin were large.

In Flight Experience

No pre-departure beverage was offered on the flight. The flight departed on time and we were soon up in the air.

Flight attendants offered beverages, nuts as well as a choice between hummus with vegetables or a cheese plate.

My wife and I selected a vodka cranberry but declined the nut mixture.

American Airlines Minneapolis Dallas Fort Worth

The beverages were served very strong with only a small amount of cranberry juice in them. When we requested additional juice, it was promptly provided. We requested limes with the drinks; however, they were not served.

For the snack, I selected the hummus plate.

American Airlines Minneapolis Dallas Fort Worth

The hummus plate was served with carrots, beats, green beans and peppers. The collection of veggies was fresh and they had a good taste despite the unusual presentation. The hummus was served with four small pita bread pieces as well as a cracker packet and a salted chocolate. The bread and crackers were fresh and they had a good taste. The chocolate was rich dark chocolate and it had an excellent taste.

The flight attendants kept our beverages filled throughout the flight and they were attentive.

We watched a movie and relaxes during the short flight.


The flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing and they picked up our glasses and they thanked us for traveling on American.

The flight landed on time and after a short taxi we arrived at a gate in the A terminal at DFW airport.

We made our way to the baggage claim area and received our bags about 10 minutes after arriving.


It was a pleasant surprise that we both received an upgrade for the flight. The gate agents and flight attendants were polite. The aircraft was clean and comfortable and we enjoyed watching a movie and having a snack during the flight. The flight went by quickly and soon enough we were back on the ground.

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