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American Admirals Club DFW C

by John the Wanderer
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American Admirals Club DFW C

This post is a review of American Admirals Club DFW C lounge.

My wife and I had just returned from an overnight flight from Maui to Dallas and we needed a place to relax for an hour or two before our connecting flight.

Our flight from Maui arrived in the C gate area, so we decided to stop at the lounge in that terminal and then proceed to our gate.

If we had more time or were arriving or connecting at D I would have returned to the American Express Centurion Lounge as the experience on the way our was amazing. You can read that post here: American Express Centurion Lounge DFW.

Lounge Access

I can access American Admirals Club via my Citi American Executive Card. The card gives lounge access to me and traveling companions. In addition up to 10 additional card holders get full lounge access via the card. You do not need to be traveling on American to use the lounge access.

It is possible to purchase a day pass to the lounge, however, they get to be expensive at around $50 per-person.

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Lounge Reception

American Admirals Club DFW C

The agent at the reception desk quickly checked us in and he welcomed us to the lounge.

After taking the elevator upstairs we reached the customer service desk and lounge area. The agents at the desk were friendly and they also extended a welcome to my wife and I.

Lounge Setup

The C Lounge is spread out over multiple rooms. Each room offers unique decorations and comfortable seating areas.

American Admirals Club DFW C

The sections are designed to make the lounge feel small.

Several food and beverage stations are setup in various areas of the lounge.

American Admirals Club DFW C

American Admirals Club DFW C

In addition, a large bar area is available at the far end of the lounge.

A couple coffee stations were available as well where you can select your own beverage.

American Admirals Club DFW C

After an overnight flight I needed a coffee and selected a mocha to add a bit of chocolate to help me wake up.

Shower Facilities

The lounge offers two shower facilities.

I requested to use one at the reception desk and was immediately provided a key.

The room included a small shower, toilet and changing area.

American Admirals Club DFW C

American Admirals Club DFW C

Some of the other lounges at DFW have spa shower options; however, this basic one did the trick to further wake me up after the overnight flight.

The water temperature was comfortable. The pressure changed at times during the shower but overall it was a good experience.

Lounge Visit

My wife and I relaxed in the lounge, used the internet and had breakfast.

I selected a bagel and oatmeal.

American Admirals Club DFW C

The bagel was fresh and the oatmeal was rich and flavorful.


When it was time to depart the lounge, we walked by the reception desk and the agents thanked us and wished us a good flight.

In addition, the agent at the check in desk also wished us a good day.


The lounge visit was comfortable and it was nice having the option for the shower to help me wake up. I really appreciate the access to the lounge while I travel. It makes my time in airports a lot more enjoyable.

Have you been to the C club? What are your thoughts?


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