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Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

by John the Wanderer
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Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

This post covers a review of my experience at Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal. The lounge was recently rebranded from Boardroom to the Alaska Lounge.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal


Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

I accessed the Alaska Lounge thanks to my Priority Pass membership. The membership gives me access to lounges throughout the world.


I approached the lounge and was immediately greeted by the agent at the desk. The agent processed my Priority Pass card and she welcomed me into the lounge.

I’ve read that at times when the lounge is busy, Priority Pass members are not allowed access due to crowding in the lounge. If that is the case, there is another Priority Pass option at the Seattle Airport.

Get your own Priority Pass membership and enjoy the comforts of a great lounge while saving 10%.

Lounge Setup

The lounge is setup with an open and modern appearance.

The use of white, light wood tones and blue colored chairs made for a welcoming environment. This was a great improvement over the traditional Boardroom old school smoking room type feel.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

The area across from the reception desk was decorated like airplane wings and it offered a separation to one of the relaxation rooms.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

The room had a variety of tables and chairs including a high top community table.

Power ports were located throughout the room and the area was clean and in good condition.

On the other side of the reception desk was the bar area and additional seating.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

The bar was hosted and the it offered four varieties of on top beer along with three bottled beers. Wines and spirits were also available.

Snack stations were setup next to the bar as well as in the other room.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

The food options included chips, salsa, cheese, crackers, vegetables, cookies and other snacks.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

The lounge also featured the pancake machine that was previously available in the Boardroom.

A drink station was present with a Starbucks Espresso Machine as well as soda and tea options.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

The food was fresh and it was stocked.

Glass dishes, flatware and glasses were used in the lounge.

Lounge Experience

When I approached the bar, the bartender greeted me warmly and she offered to prepare a drink for me.

When I inquired about the beers, she described the various options and she offered a tasting of beer. I accepted and selected one of the seasonal options.

The bartender made light conversation with me before wishing me an enjoyable day.

Alaska Lounge Seattle N Terminal

The beer was served chilled and it had a good taste and flavor.

I relaxed in the lounge with the beer and used my laptop. The Wifi functioned without issue.


When it was close to boarding time, I departed the lounge. The agent at the reception desk greeted me again and she thanked me and wished me a good evening and flight.


I enjoyed my time at the Alaska Lounge. I appreciate the re-design which makes the lounge feel more open and inviting. The team members that I interacted with were friendly and polite and they made me feel welcome. Overall it was a great visit.

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