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Alaska Airlines Seattle Los Angeles

by John the Wanderer
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Alaska Airlines Seattle Los Angeles

This post is a review of Alaska Airlines Seattle Los Angeles which is a part of my trip to Hong Kong.

Trip Summary

Date: Friday, February 24, 2017

Flight: Alaska Airlines 450

From: Seattle – SEA

To: Los Angeles – LAX

Aircraft: 737

Seat: 2C

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Gate Experience

I approached the gate area at the scheduled boarding time. There was a short line formed in the first class line.

Alaska Airlines Seattle Los Angeles

The boarding area had a light level of activity; however, people were starting to line up.


I noted on the screen that the first class boarding had begun so I joined the line and was greeted within a minute by the gate agent. The agent saw I had the boarding pass on my cell phone so she asked me to scan the boarding pass.

After I scanned it, she thanked me and welcomed me on board.

Alaska Airlines Seattle Los Angeles

The flight attendant greeted me at the door and I made my way to the seat.

Boarding continued and lasted about 20 minutes.

The Captain made an announcement at the boarding time while standing in the cabin and informed everyone that there would be a couple minute delay. He provided information on the flight and he thanked everyone for their patience.

Within a few minutes, the door was closed and the plane made its way to the runway.

The lead flight attendant greeted all the passengers in the first class cabin by name and she offered a drink during the flight. I requested water and she also offered a cookie. I declined the cookie and she joked that I would leave more for her to eat. She thanked me using my name.

The flight attendants provided a safety demo during the taxi.

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The aircraft was a 737-900. The plane had Boeing sky lighting and the flight attendants used the blue shade for the entire flight.

The seat was a standard first class seat.

Alaska Airlines Seattle Los Angeles

Similar to the flight from Minneapolis, this aircraft featured streaming video, power ports and USB ports at every seat.

The entertainment tablets were not distributed on the flight.

In Flight Experience

Once the flight was up in the air, the flight attendants entered the cabin and provided hot towels.

A couple minutes later, the flight attendant served the beverages to everyone in the first class cabin.

Alaska Airlines Seattle Los Angeles

Once everyone was served, she came around and provided the cookies.

I declined the cookie earlier; however, I noted that the cookies were served on a plate and two varieties were available.

The cookies had a fresh scent.

The flight attendant circulated the cabin and offered additional beverages to the passengers.

I utilized my iPad to watch some television shows as well as spent some time working on my laptop.


As we approached Los Angeles a few announcements were made and the cabin was prepared for landing.

We landed and then had a medium length taxi to the gate.

I was thanked as I departed the plane.


The flight went by quickly. I felt that the flight attendant in the first class cabin was proactive in assisting the guests and she was attentive. It was nice that she used my name at the beginning of the flight. I looked forward to relaxing overnight before preparing for my Cathay Pacific First Class flight.



MeanMeosh March 18, 2017 - 2:12 pm

I wish all airlines would utilize the TV monitors to duplicate boarding announcements. It certainly beats the Charlie Brown teacher announcements that are barely discernible, even when sitting right next to the podium.

John the Wanderer March 18, 2017 - 2:55 pm

The monitors are helpful. I’m glad more airlines are using them. It’s good to see them use them at outstations as well.


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