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DoubleTree Los Angeles Airport

by John the Wanderer
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DoubleTree Los Angeles Airport

This post is a review of my experience at DoubleTree Los Angeles Airport Hotel.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport


I booked the hotel using the Hilton App, which currently offered an additional 500 bonus points for each mobile app booking. This is in addition to Hilton’s current 2,000 bonus points per stay promotion.

I booked a basic room for $108.

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Shuttle from Airport

I waited in the LAX shuttle area for about 15 minutes and did not see the shuttle for the Doubletree LAX hotel so I called the hotel. I was placed on hold for about 8 minutes before an agent offered to send a shuttle to pick me up.

After waiting another 15 minutes, the shuttle arrived. The driver welcomed me and he assisted with my luggage.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport

No other guests were in the shuttle. The driver quickly brought me to the hotel and he wished me a good night.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport


Doubletree Los Angeles Airport

I approached the front desk and joined a line of two other guests. After waiting for 10 minutes, the agent welcomed me and processed my registration.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport

The agent offered to change my room to a king size bed room. I accepted and she thanked me. The agent issued a key and provided a voucher for breakfast. The agent wished me a good night and she provided directions to the room. The agent provided a cookie and two bottles of water for me to take to the room.

I was unable to use the voucher for breakfast as I had to be at the airport early.


The room was a standard king size bed room on the second floor of the hotel.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport

The room featured the bed in the center of the room with a dresser on each side.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport

A television was located across from the bed along with a dresser and coffee station.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport

The room was clean and the bed was comfortable.

The room was also quiet during the night.

The room featured a bathroom with a standard shower. The shower was a bit low so I had to duck when I utilized it.

Doubletree Los Angeles Airport

The bathroom was clean.

The bathroom was stocked with shampoo, conditioner, lotion and soap.

The linens were clean.

The water pressure was strong but I was unable to get the temperature in the shower to be comfortable. It was either too hot or too cold so I had to take a quick shower in the morning.

I slept for a few hours before getting ready to return to the airport.

Check Out

When I approached the front desk, the agent greeted me and she asked if I was checking out. I said yes and she informed me that she could not check me out immediately because the hotel system was not functioning.

The agent took down the room number and my email address and she offered to send the receipt to me. I accepted and she thanked me. The agent did not provide transportation assistance. I received the receipt and folio about two hours later via email.

Shuttle to Airport

I exited the hotel and noted that the shuttle was in front.

After waiting for a few minutes, I returned to the lobby and waited.

The driver approached me a few minutes later and asked if I was ready to go to the airport. I said yes and he thanked me and he loaded my luggage in the shuttle before driving me to the airport.

The shuttle took about 10 minutes to get to the international terminal.

The driver removed my luggage and he wished me a good flight when we arrived.

The shuttle delivered me to the arrivals area so I proceeded to walk up the stairs to reach the terminal.


My stay at the DoubleTree Hotel LAX was okay. It was not memorable. I felt that the customer service could have been better. The fact that I had to wait so long for a shuttle was annoying given that it was late at night. The room was comfortable overall. It was nice that the agent was proactive in providing the water bottles as they were not stocked in the room. I would consider staying at the hotel in the future but it would not be top on my list. All in all it was a standard stay.

I am a Hilton Diamond Member. It was nice that I was given a breakfast voucher and the water bottles but I felt the hotel could have done something else to set it apart from others to acknowledge me as a Diamond Member and welcome me to the hotel. Perhaps I am spoiled from being a Hyatt and Starwood Elite member. It was a comfortable stay and the only negative things were the delayed arrival and check in process as well as the shower water temperature.

Have you stayed at this property?

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