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Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

by John the Wanderer
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Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

This article is Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner. It is a review of my dining experience at the Osetra Seafood and Steak restaurant in San Diego.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The dinner experience at Osetra Seafood and Steaks is part of my San Diego Spring Adventure.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks

Osetra combines California modern flavors with high end USDA Prime Steaks, Australian, and Japanese A9 Wagyu grade beef. Osetra offers a full bar, craft cocktails and a raw bar in a playful and sophisticated chic ambiance.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The restaurant features a Sicilian Chef who has been preparing fresh foods for over 20 years.

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Note: Osetra Seafood & Steaks generously hosted my wife and I for a complimentary dinner. I was connected with Osetra via San Diego Tourism Authority. The views expressed in the article are my own.


Osetra Seafood & Steaks is located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. The Gaslamp Quarter is one of southern California’s premier destinations for fine dining and nightlife.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

Osetra is located in the center of the Quarter on 5th Avenue.

Dinner Experience

Upon arrival, my wife and I were greeted by a host who escorted us to a table near the window for dinner.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The manager welcomed us warmly and gave an overview of the restaurant.

The manager was noted to greet all the guests at their tables and to provide a similar experience during our visit.

The server also welcomed us and offered wine or a cocktail.

We started with a glass of sparkling wine.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The menu was extensive, and it offered everything from a Raw Bar to classic steaks and seafood. The descriptions sounded excellent.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks DinnerOsetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

Restaurant Setup

The raw bar was on display to the right of the bar and it featured lots of fresh seafood. It was decorated with blue colors which enhanced the experience and presentation.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks DinnerOsetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The bar area was focused around a large column with colored lights.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The lights flickered giving the effect that you were in water during your experience at the seafood restaurant.

The was setup neatly and it had decorative lights overhead that were modern in appearance.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner


The manager suggested we try a tasting menu which would highlight many of the great options from the restaurant.

My wife and I accepted the managers suggestion of the tasting menu.

Our table was manicured throughout the meal and all the staff made us feel warmly welcomed.

Bread was provided along with garlic butter spread. The bread was warm and soft, and it had an excellent taste. The butter was creamy and had a good garlic taste.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

Appetizer Experience

My wife and I received a tasting of three appetizers.

Each appetizer was simultaneously presented at our table.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner


Each of the dishes were plated elegantly and they food appeared fresh and appetizing.

The first appetizer was Yellowtail Carpaccio.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks DinnerThe Yellowtail Carpaccio had about six thinly sliced yellowtail that were seasoned well with a negiponzu sauce with fresh rayu, citrus slices, jalapeño, avocado and micro greens. The yellowtail was mild in flavor and it was seasoned perfectly. The ingredients on top were excellent and the dish was served with chopsticks. Each bite was incredible.

The second appetizer was Steak Tartar.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The Steak Tartar was served neatly on a plate. The steak was prime filet that was mixed with red onions, capers, chives and black truffle. The steak was excellent. It was tender and full of flavor. The steak was served with toasted crostini, that added a crunch and another flavor dimension to the dish.

The final appetizer was Grilled Octopus.

Osetra Seafood and Steaks Dinner

The Grilled Octopus was served neatly on a plate on top of garbanzo beans, potatoes and leaks. The dish was drizzled with a pesto aioli. The octopus was tender and not chewy at all. The octopus had an incredible flavor and it blended well with the garbanzo beans, potatoes and leaks.

We have never had octopus as fresh and tender as this and it was an incredible dish.

All three appetizers together were incredible, and we were happy we went with the tasting menu.

Second Course

The second course including a tasting of Lobster Ravioli.

The manager informed us that the chef had been making the pasta fresh and preparing the sauces and ravioli for over twenty years!

The Lobster Ravioli was served with a vodka tomato sauce.

The second appetizer was Steak Tartar.

The Lobster Ravioli was filled with large pieces of lobster that was fresh and flavorful. The ravioli was fresh and tender, and it had an excellent flavor. The sauce was light and creamy and had a slightly sweet flavor. The amount of lobster was very generous.


Prior to the entrees being served, my wife and I were offered wine and we tried the red and white house wines.

Both wines were brought to the table in a small container and they were poured into our glasses.

The wines were mild in flavor and they went well with the food.

The entrée was a play on surf and turf.

The server presented New York strip with Swordfish and Grilled shrimp that was served with garlic mashed potatoes and fresh spinach.

The second appetizer was Steak Tartar.

The dish was plated elegantly with the steak on the right side and the swordfish on the left side.

The steak was cooked medium and it was topped with a mushroom sauce that was bold in flavor. The steak was tender, and it had a good taste.

The Swordfish was light in flavor, and it was grilled neatly and presented simply. The Swordfish was fresh. In my opinion, it lacked the bold flavors that were found in the other dishes at the restaurant, but nonetheless it was cooked well, and the Swordfish was fresh.

The grilled shrimp was large, and it was served at the center of the plate. The shrimp was grilled well, and it had a good flavor.

The mashed potatoes and spinach were excellent, and they tasted good together and were presented neatly.


For dessert, the server presented a menu and suggested we try a couple desserts.

The second appetizer was Steak Tartar.

My wife and I were both full, so we asked to share one and we ordered the Crème Brulee.

The Crème Brulee was served a few minutes later.

The second appetizer was Steak Tartar.

The dish was presented neatly. The sugar was caramelized well on top and the portion size was large. Strawberries garnished the dish and it was attractive in appearance.

The first bite cracked into the sugar and the custard was incredible with the caramelized sugar on top. The strawberries were fresh, and they enhanced the flavor of the custard. It was a perfect end to the meal.


After our meal was complete, the manager offered espresso or coffee from the bar. My wife and I declined, and he asked if there was anything further he could do. After we declined, he thanked us.

The server also gave us a positive parting greeting.

The host wished us a good day.

The cost of the meal was estimated at $250.


Our experience at Osetra Seafood and Steak Dinner was exceptional. Throughout the meal, the service provided was excellent. We observed other tables receiving the same level of service. The staff treated everyone equally and as valued guests.

The food was incredible. We were most impressed with the three appetizer items were truly remarkable. The entrees were also excellently prepared as well.

I would highly recommend Osetra for an incredible meal where you are treated like valued guests. Even though this meal was hosted, I would gladly return anytime for another incredible meal.

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