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Cool Visit to Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

This post is Delta Sky Club LaGuardia. It is a review of my experience visiting the C terminal club in New York at LaGuardia Airport. This post is part of my Dominican Republic Mission Trip Report.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia


I accessed the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia Terminal C thanks to my American Express Platinum Card which gives access when you are flying Delta.

If you do not have the card or lounge membership, you can buy a day pass or you could venture over to Terminal B and go to the Air Canada Maple Leaf LaGuardia using Priority Pass membership.

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An agent greeted me when I arrived at the reception desk. The agent scanned my American Express Card and Boarding Pass before welcoming me to the lounge. I was offered an orientation to the lounge. After I accepted, she highlighted the main areas of the lounge. The agent thanked me and welcomed me to enjoy the lounge.

The activity level was heavy when I arrived.

The majority of the seating was was taken upon my arrival.

Similar to other Sky Clubs, I’ve found that they are generally very busy and they do not feel as relaxing as other lounges; however, the food and drink options are good and it is certainly better than being in the terminal.


The Delta Sky Club LaGuardia lounge is setup over one main room.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

Several different seating areas were utilized in the room creating different sections.

There were large chairs, smaller chairs as well as tables and high top tables available.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

In addition, seating was located along the wall which offered further options.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

The majority of the seating in the lounge offers power ports or charging your devices.

The bar and buffet was on the far side of the room.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

Food and Beverage

The Bar offers the Luxury Bar items, which are specialty cocktails and beers that are available for purchase. You can even redeem miles for a drink; however, I would not recommend using them for that purpose as it is a bad redemption rate.

The bar offers three varieties of complimentary beer, wine as well as multiple alcohol types. In addition, the bar was offering a speciality cocktail of Summer Sangria as one of the complimentary options.

A buffet was setup on the wall. The buffet was setup neatly and it featured multiple items including two soup varieties, multiple snacks, chips, dips, salads and fresh fruit.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardiaDelta Sky Club LaGuardiaDelta Sky Club LaGuardia

A Starbucks touch screen coffee machine available which prepared various espresso drinks. Several flavor syrups were also available to enhance your beverage.

The buffet and coffee area was neat and it featured plenty of dishes, plates, bowls and coffee mugs. The dishes, plates and bowels were all paper products. The coffee mugs were ceramic and paper options were also available.

Lounge Experience

I located a chair in one of the sections of the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia and was able to charge my phone for a bit while I relaxed in the lounge.

Staff members were circulating the room and they cleaned the tables and chairs to make sure that seating was available as the lounge was at high occupancy during the visit.

The team members did not greet me while I was seated in the area.

I approached the bar and inquired if a local beer was available on the complimentary options. The bartender said that the Brooklyn beer was the complimentary one. I ordered one and she poured it into a clean glass and served it on a cocktail napkin.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

The beer had a good taste and it was a lager style beer.


From the buffet I selected chicken salad and a grain salad.

Delta Sky Club LaGuardia

The chicken salad was rich and it had a slightly sweet taste. The salad cut into medium sized chunks. It tasted freshly prepared and the chicken had a good taste.

The grain salad was light and it was seasoned well.

I relaxed for a while and enjoyed the snacks before my flight back to Minneapolis.


I departed the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia lounge when it was time to board my flight.

My departure was not acknowledged by any of the team members.

The activity level was busy when I departed.


Overall the visit to Delta Sky Club LaGuardia was good. It didn’t feel as relaxing as other lounges. The food and beverage options were extensive and the bartender and the agent at the reception desk was welcoming.

What was your last experience at a Delta Sky Club?


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