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Up in the Air on Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

by John the Wanderer
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 Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

This post is Up in the Air on Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis. It is about my experiencing flying from New York to Minneapolis on Delta Airlines.

Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

For my final flight in the Dominican Republic Mission Trip, I traveled on Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis. The flight departed in the afternoon with an arrival in Minneapolis around 5 PM.

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Trip Details

Flight: Delta Airlines 855

From: New York LaGuardia – LGA

To: Minneapolis – MSP

Aircraft: A319

Seat: 12D

Check In

After taking a Lyft from JFK, I arrived at Terminal C at LaGuardia airport. The ride lasted about 30 minutes.

I approached the check in desk and was greeted after waiting for about three minutes. The agent welcomed me and processed checking my bag. After checking me in, she reprinted my boarding pass as my seat was moved up to the Delta Comfort+ section. The staff member thanked me and wished me a good trip.

I visited the American Express Centurion Lounge LaGuardia and Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge LaGuardia in terminal B before returning to C for my flight.

The bus ride between terminals was 15 minutes each way.

I approached the security line and joined the Pre-Check Line. The activity was busy at the time and I waited about 15 minutes before reaching the front of the line. The general boarding line was significantly longer.

The airport is one of the locations with CLEAR, which is a paid service, which generally has no waiting at security. Delta Diamond members get free access; however, all other elites on Delta pay $79 per-year while non elite members are charged $99 annually.

After clearing security, I visited the Delta Sky Club LaGuardia C before making my way to the gate.


Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

I arrived at the gate area after boarding began and while Group 3 was being called to board.

The gate area offers a limited amount of seating. The majority of the seats are in the central restaurant area.

I joined the line and the gate agent scanned my boarding pass before inviting me on the aircraft.

I located my seat in the Comfort+ section and relaxed before the flight departed.

The door was closed about 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. The flight attendants showed the safety video and prepared the cabin for departure.

The plane taxied to a runway and after joining a line of about 10 we ultimately took off after about ten minutes.


The aircraft was an A319. The aircraft featured seat back entertainment with USB power ports and A/C ports.

Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

The USB is located under the screen.

The A/C power port was located below the seat and there were two for each row of three seats.

Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

The seat was a standard slimline economy seat.

In Flight Experience

When the airplane was up in the air, I worked on my iPad for a while and charged my phone.

The flight attendant offered a snack basket selection to all the passengers in the Comfort+ section.

The snack basket offered Twix Bars, Bananas, nuts, cookies and mild chil roasted corn chips.

I selected a banana and mild chili corn snacks. The snacks were branded Nourish Just Chillin’.

Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

The banana was fresh and sweet and it had a good taste. The corn snacks were fresh and crispy and they had a mild lime and chili flavor.

About 15 minutes later, the flight attendants offered a beverage selection and additional snacks from the three complimentary options that are offered to the rest of the economy passengers. There was a choice between almonds, kind bars and Biscoff cookies.

I ordered a cranberry drink mixed with ginger ale and a Kind bar.

The flight attended served the drink with a napkin and asked me to enjoy.

Delta LaGuardia to Minneapolis

The drink was fresh and it had a good taste.

The Kind bar was an oats and honey variety. The bar was fresh.

The flight attendants picked up the used cups and snacks after I finished them.

The flight attendants were polite and they were noted to circulate the cabin a few times during the flight.

I watched a couple television shows on the seat back entertainment screen. The video and sound quality was good.


The flight went by quickly and soon enough the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing.

Once we were on the ground, there was a few minute taxi before we arrived at a gate about 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

I exited the plane and made my way to baggage claim.

My bag was delivered to the baggage claim area within 15 minutes of the flight.


The Delta LaGuardia Minneapolis flight was a good experience in Comfort+. The seat was comfortable and the seat back entertainment offered a lot of choices. The snacks and beverages were fresh. The flight attendants were friendly and polite.

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