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Checking Out PGA Lounge MSP Airport

by John the Wanderer
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PGA Lounge MSP Airport

This post is a review of PGA Lounge MSP Airport.

It is a part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport


The PGA Lounge MSP Airport is located in the mall area of Minneapolis Airport. It is located above Ike’s Restaurant near the entrance to the E gate area.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport


You can access the PGA Lounge MSP Airport using Priority Pass.

With Priority Pass you get a credit of $15 per person, which can be used for food, drinks or a round of golf.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

The credit does not include gratuity.

Food items run about $15 for a salad and $16-$20 for an entrée. Beer was $8.88 and it included craft selections on tap as well as in a bottle.


I arrived at the lounge and the agent at the check in desk/cash register for the golf pro shop checked me in. The agent requested my Priority Pass card and identification card before processing the registration.

The agent printed a voucher that was good for $15 and provided it to me. The agent said that it can be used at the bar in the lounge or the upper level bar at Ike’s Sports Bar.

He informed me that the lounge was busy at that time.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

Lounge Setup

The lounge is setup over one large main room.

The majority of the room had golf putting areas where you could try your hand at golf.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

Towards the front of the room, there are a few chairs along the window as well as more comfortable chairs setup in front of several large television screens.

The bar is located near the entrance to the lounge.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

Along the wall, you found several golf swing simulator rooms.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

Golf clubs could be checked out at the front desk.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

I do not play golf so I am not sure how much it would cost to check them out or to use one of the rooms.

The best feature of the room was the large window that overlooked the tarmac.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

At the time of the visit, a Spirit Airlines 737 was parked just outside the window.

Lounge Experience

I located a seat near the window and relaxed for a few minutes.

I utilized the power outlet which was located near my seat to charge my phone.

I approached the bar and reviewed the menus.

PGA Lounge MSP AirportPGA Lounge MSP AirportPGA Lounge MSP Airport

The lounge offers the full Ike’s dinner menu and a selection of drinks as well.

The appetizers and desserts were under $15 and the entrees were above $15.

It looked like you could get a dessert for about $10 or a burger for $16 or $18.

Several beers were on tap as well as bottles were available.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

The tap beers were not poured from the bar. The servers were noted to go to the Ike’s bar across the golf shop if you ordered one.

I requested a craft beer and the server suggested two different options. I requested the non-IPA one and she thanked me and asked where I was seated. She said she would serve it to me at my seat.

After about four minutes, the server approached me and she provided the beer. The server asked me to enjoy it.

PGA Lounge MSP Airport

The beer was served chilled in a clean glass. The beer had an excellent taste and it was a lager, which was a Minneapolis brewery one.

I relaxed for about 15 minutes before it was time to board my flight.

When I was ready to depart, I returned to the bar and asked for the check. The server informed me of the total. I used the voucher and left a cash tip. The server thanked me and wished me a good flight.


The lounge was about 80% full when I departed. One guest was using the gold simulator and it looked like it would be a cool experience but I didn’t stay to watch it.

When I walked by the reception desk, the agent also thanked me and wished me a good flight.


The PGA Lounge MSP Airport is a unique experience. While it doesn’t have a lot to offer the non-golfer, it was nice that you could order food from Ike’s, which is an excellent Minnesota born restaurant. If I had more time, I probably would have ordered some food. The staff was friendly and it was nice I could look out the window from my seat.

Have you been to the PGA Lounge MSP Airport? What do you think?

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