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American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

by John the Wanderer
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American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

This post is American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia. It is a review of my experience up in the air on American flying on a E175 to the Big Apple.

The review is part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

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American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

Trip Summary

Date: September 6, 2017

Flight: American 4432

From: Minneapolis – MSP

To: New York LaGuardia – LGA

Aircraft: E175

Seat: 8C

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I booked the ticket using Alaska Air miles, which I redeemed for 12,500 one way. The cash price on the flight was about $320 for the one-way flight, so I used miles instead.

Check In

I used the app to check in around 24 hours before the flight. The seat map was pretty open at the time; however, most of the Main Cabin Extra Seats were taken. I selected an aisle seat at the front of the economy cabin.

American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

I utilized CLEAR for security. There was no line for CLEAR and after I used my fingerprint to verify my identity and scanned my boarding pass, the CLEAR staff member escorted me to the TSA agent and he informed the agent that I was Pre-Check and CLEAR. The TSA agent invited me to go through to Pre-check screening.

American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

The process took three-minutes total.

The regular line was about a 20 minute wait at the time and the pre-check line had about a 10 minute wait.

Boarding Area

I approached the gate area at the scheduled boarding time. The area was light in activity and there were plenty of seats available.

American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

Boarding began about five minutes later. I was assigned group 4 so I joined the line when that group was called.

The agent asked me to scan my boarding pass when I reached the front of the line and she thanked me using my name before inviting me to board.

A flight attendant greeted me at the door and I made my way to my seat.

The boarding continued for about 15 minutes. There were a lot of open seats on the flight.

At the end of the boarding process a lot of airline staff boarded the plane and took seats throughout the economy and first class cabin.

The cabin was prepared for departure and then there was a short taxi before the plane was up in the air.


I was assigned a seat at the front of the economy cabin in the Main Cabin Extra section on American Minneapolis LaGuardia.

American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

The seat was a slimline economy seat. The seat was of average comfort and the recline functioned worked without issue.

The airplane featured WiFi entertainment. There were no power outlets or USB charging ports.

In Flight Experience

Once the American Minneapolis LaGuardia flight was up in the air, the pilot announced the anticipation of turbulence throughout the flight due to weather.

The flight attendants served the first class cabin first and then they started the beverage service in the economy cabin.

Passengers were given pretzels and offered a drink selection.

When the flight attendant reached my seat, she offered a drink. I requested cranberry mixed with ginger ale.

The flight attendant served it a minute later and asked me to enjoy.

American Airlines Minneapolis LaGuardia

The beverage was served chilled over ice and it had a good taste.

I utilized the WiFi connection and did some work for the majority of the flight.

There was a light level of turbulence for the majority of the flight.

As normal when flying to New York, the plane did a lot of vectoring around before it was possible to land so the flight time was nearly an hour longer than the anticipated flying time.


Despite the fact that the flight had to do a lot of vectoring, the airplane still landed at the scheduled time.

After a short taxi to the gate, the door was opened and passengers were able to exit.

The flight attendants thanked all the passengers as they departed the plane.


The American Minneapolis LaGuardia flight was good overall. The airplane was relatively comfortable and I was able to do work thanks to the WiFi. The flight attendants were polite and the beverage service was good overall. The Singapore Mileage Run Adventure Trip was off to a good start.


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