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Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

This post is Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita and is a review of my experience at the Sky Club.

The review is part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita


I can access the Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita thanks to my Platinum Status on Delta and being on an International Itinerary.

You can also access the Delta Sky Club using an American Express Platinum Card when you have a same day Delta flight.

There are four Priority Pass Lounges available at Tokyo Narita Airport including the Korean Air Lounge.


The lounge is located in the 2nd Satellite at Tokyo Narita. The signs were not very clear as to where the lounge was located and it took me some time to fund the location.

It appears that an older club was located closer to the main terminal; however, it is no longer open. There were signs indicating that it was closed and inviting guests to the new one.


When I arrived at the Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita reception desk, the agent greeted me warmly and scanned my boarding pass. The agent used my name and she confirmed my flight information and said the flight would be announced when it was time to board.

I requested a shower, and the agent said that there were 11 other guests on the wait list. I asked to be added and hoped that I would get to use one prior to my flight.

The agent thanked me and welcomed me into the lounge.

The lounge was approximately 50% occupied when I arrived.

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Lounge Setup

The Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita Airport is setup in two identical sections to the right and left of the reception desk.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

The sections were subdivided into various seating options including tables and chairs, leather chairs as well as computer work stations.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

The lounge faced the tarmac so you could see airplanes throughout the lounge.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo NaritaDelta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

There were plenty of seating available in both sections when I arrived.

A buffet was available in each section.

The buffet featured several hot items including Asian and Western selections. The food items were signed and the buffets were setup neatly.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

The hot items included noodles, fried rice, chicken and soups.

The cold items included salad, meats, cheese and snack crackers and nuts.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

The food was all presented attractively.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

Beverages were also self-service and there were a variety of options available including the Beer Machines.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo NaritaDelta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

Lounge Experience

I took a seat near one of the buffet areas at a small table.

I used my laptop do catch up on emails and some work and relaxed for a while.

Staff members were noted to circulate the room and to clean the tables and remove used items. The staff that I saw smiled and made eye contact with me.

I selected fried rice, noodles and chicken from the buffet.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

The fried rice was served hot and it was seasoned well. It was cooked with eggs and pork and it had a good taste.

The noodles were fresh and they had a slightly tangy flavor. The noodles were good.

The chicken was served two ways. The first was a small piece of fried chicken and the other was marinated on a sick with a sweet sauce. Both chicken dishes had a good taste.


About the time I was getting ready to depart the lounge, my name was called and I was invited to the desk. When I approached the desk, the staff member informed me that a shower was ready. I accepted it and they issued a shower key card and provided instructions for the location of the showers.

I was assigned Shower Room #1. The room featured a changing area, sink, toilet and large shower.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo NaritaDelta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

The room was clean and had a pleasant odor. Clean towels were provided by the shower.

The water pressure in the shower was excellent and the temperature could be adjusted. The water was refreshing.

Soap, Shampoo and Conditioner was provided in bulk containers near the floor of the shower. They had a pleasant scent and were presented neatly.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

After I finished taking a shower, I exited the room and an attendant thanked me as I was departing the area.


Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita

After I took the shower at Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita I returned to the reception desk to depart the lounge. There were two agents present. The agents greeted me politely and they thanked me for returning the shower card.

The agents confirmed I was on the Singapore flight and they provided the gate number. The agents thanked me for visiting the lounge and they wished me a good flight.

The lounge was at 20% occupancy when I departed.


The lounge visit was good. I found the chairs to be comfortable and I was able to relax a bit after the flight to Tokyo. The food was excellent and it was presented neatly. The staff members I encountered were polite. I was happy that a shower became available as it was refreshing to get to recharge after the long flight. I thought the signage could be a bit better such as to describe that the lounge was near gates 20-25 rather than in section 2.

Have you visited the Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita?

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