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Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

This post is Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore. It is a review of my experience flying Delta on the 767-300.

The review is part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

Trip Summary

Date: September 8, 2017

Flight: Delta 167

From: Tokyo Narita – NRT

To: Singapore – SIN

Aircraft: 763

Seat: 16E

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Delta Comfort+ Upgrade

At the time of booking, my seat got automatically upgraded to the Delta Comfort+ section. I selected an aisle seat in the first row of economy in the center section for this flight.

Gate Area

The gate area was busy with activity. Customers in Delta One and Sky Priority were all asked to line up to the left of the boarding area and non-elite customers were asked to line up on the right side.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The Delta One cabin was already being boarded when I arrived so I only had to wait a couple minutes before the Sky Zone was called.


I joined the line when the Sky Zone was called and waited for about three minutes before reaching the agent.

The agent scanned my boarding pass and she said they needed to validate my passport. I thought that was odd as all the boarding passes said Docs-OK after I scanned the passport in New York.

Another agent processed the passport and she thanked me for waiting and she welcomed me on the plane.

The 763 doesn’t have a Door 2 so all passengers have to walk all the way through the Delta One cabin.

It is always a bit annoying when you have to do that for both the Delta One passengers and the economy passengers. For Delta One you feel bad having to see everyone walk to the back of the plane. For the economy passengers you can get envious of those sitting in the business cabin. I guess this is basically a first world problem though….

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

I walked through the cabin and located my seat and got comfortable before the flight.

The boarding was efficient and the door was closed quickly.

There was a short delay before taxing from the gate but then the plane quickly went to a runway and took off.


I selected a Comfort+ seat in the bulkhead section at the front of the cabin.

The seats are setup in a 2-3-2 configuration, so I was in the 3 section being in the center.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The seat was of average comfort and it had a ton of leg room.

The seat offered an outlet under the seat, USB power at the monitor in front of the seat as well as GoGo International WiFi.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The recline button at my seat did not work very well and it was difficult to get the seat to go back.

An amenity kit was present at the seat.

Delta Airlines Detroit Tokyo on 747 Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The amenity kit included an eye mask, tooth brush, toothpaste and ear plugs.

In Flight Experience

A short while after the flight was up in the air a flight attendant approached me and provided a hot towel.

The towel had a pleasant scent and it was refreshing.

After the towels were picked up, the flight attendants offered a selection of beverages as well as a nut mix and flavored pretzels.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The nut mix was roasted almonds and they were excellent. The pretzels were flavored with olive oil and sea salt.

I requested orange juice and the flight attendant provided it and asked me to enjoy.

The orange juice was served chilled and it was sweet.

The snack and drink cups were removed before the dinner was offered. The options included three hot selections including a curry beef dish, chicken dish or pasta. I requested the curry beef dish.

The flight attendant provided the tray and he asked if I wanted wine with the meal. I declined and he provided a glass of water.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The dinner consisted of a salad with Asian dressing, noodles, the entrée and a fruit dessert cake.

The salad was a mixture of vegetables and was fresh and had an excellent taste. The dressing was ginger based and it was excellent.

The noodles were served chilled and a sauce was provided on the side to pour over them. The noodles were seasoned with ginger and they had a good taste.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The beef curry was served hot. The beef curry was served with white rice that was lightly seasoned. The beef was cut into three medium size pieces in a slightly creamy sauce. The beef was tender and it had a good taste. The curry was mild in flavor.

The cookie was a packaged fruit based one and it was fresh and had an excellent taste.

I appreciated the fact that chop sticks were provided on the tray with this meal.

A flight attendant picked up the tray after I finished and offered tea or coffee.

During the meal, I watched part of a movie on the seat-back entertainment system. The quality of the video was good but the audio had feedback.

After the meal, I reclined my seat and took a nap for about three hours.

While I was sleeping, I found that the flight attendants left a bottle of water and the immigration and customs forms for Singapore.

When I woke up, I utilized the WiFi for a while and did some work.

Arrival Meal

About an hour and 15 minutes prior to landing, the lights were turned on.

The flight attendants came by with a hot towel followed by a beverage service. A snack of carrot cake which was prepackaged was offered with the beverage service.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore

The carrot cake was fresh and it had a good carrot flavor. The portion size was small but it had an excellent taste.


The Captain on Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore made an announcement about 30 minutes before landing with arrival information.

The airplane landed about 15 minutes behind schedule. There was a 10 minute taxi to the gate.

Once we arrived at the gate, the passengers exited the plane. A pilot and two flight attendants thanked me sincerely when I walked past them.

The Singapore Airport allows for easy transfers without having to go through immigration and customs.

In addition, security is done as you enter each of the gate areas, so when you exit the plane, you are in the main terminal area with shopping, stores, lounges and dining. It is a good setup.

A transfer desk is available; however, no Delta staff members were present. A sign was posted indicating that Delta opens three hours before the flight.

I made my way to one of the lounges to relax for a few hours before the flight.


My Delta Airlines Tokyo Narita Singapore flight was good overall. The flight attendants were polite and they were proactive in providing assistance. I was a bit surprised when they turned on the lights, offered the hot towel and then provided the pre-packaged snack. To me, if it is just a snack like that, it would be better to not wake everyone up for the last hour of the flight. Perhaps I am missing something. Other than that, the experience was good overall. The seat was comfortable and I slept for a few hours during the flight.

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