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A Cool Experience at Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

by John the Wanderer
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Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

This post is Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore. It is a review of my experience at the Dnata Lounge within Terminal 1 at Singapore Airport.

This review is part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

Lounge Access

I accessed the Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore via my Priority Pass membership.

Priority Pass members are given access for a maximum of three hours. The app indicated this and the agent informed me about it at check in as well.

There are ten Priority Pass Lounges at the airport including three in terminal 1.

The lounge is also accessed by airline invitation from a variety of airlines. In the case of Delta, it is only applicable if you are traveling in Delta One as it is a third party contract lounge.


The Dnate Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore is located near the immigration screening area in the main terminal at Terminal 1 at Singapore Chaingi Airport.

The lounge is located on the upper level near Hermes store and the sign for Subway.


Upon arrival at the lounge, the team members at the reception desk greeted me and asked my my Priority Pass membership card and boarding pass.

I provided my incoming boarding pass as I was not able to print the new one until the Delta desk opened. Fortunately, the agents accepted the arrival boarding pass and allowed me the enter.

The agents informed me that the lounge had a three hour time limit. They confirmed I was okay with it. I said yes and they thanked me and invited me to enter the lounge

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Lounge Setup

The Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore is spread out over multiple rooms.

At the center was a large buffet.

The seating areas were spread out in the rooms surrounding the food area.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

The seating was arranged in tables and chairs, high tops, couches and various types of chairs.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

There were walls placed throughout the lounge to give it a more intimate feel. The walls were decorated with various artwork that were modern.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

The chairs were comfortable and it was nice that there were a variety of options for seating.

Many of the chairs featured outlets with multiple power inputs between 110-220volts. In addition, USB power was available.

Buffet Options

The buffet had an extensive array of food selections including both hot and cold foods.

The hot items included two soup options including one Asian and one Western, Asian rice dishes, noodle dishes, pasta and chicken satay.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

The chilled options included salad, cheese, meat, fruit, pre-made sandwiches and snack mixtures.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

All the food items were labeled and the food was displayed attractively.

A drink station was setup at the end of the buffet and it included juice, soda, beer, wine and some spirits.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 SingaporeDnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

A coffee machine with hudsons coffee was available where you could select various espresso drinks.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

In addition, cup of noodle packets were available for Ramen noodles.


Upon arrival at the Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore, I requested to use the shower facilities. An agent in the shower area assigned a room to me and provided a clean towel.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

The shower room featured a sitting area for dressing, toilet, sink and vanity area.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

The shower itself was large and offered rain shower heads as well as a handheld jet.

The water temperature was hot and it could be adjusted to the customers pleasing. The pressure was also excellent.

Body Wash and Shampoo were available in a container on the wall.

Lounge Experience

I felt refreshed after the shower so I took a seat in one of the seating areas.

Team members circulated the room and cleaned the tables and chairs and removed used dishes. The team members also kept the buffet area stocked.

The team members smiled and made eye contact with me when they passed by. In addition, when I was near them they were noted to greet me warmly.

I visited the buffet and selected chicken satay with cashew sauce, Japanese noodles and Beef Curry.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

The Chicken Satay were served on small skewers. The chicken was cooked well and it was served warm. The chicken had a good flavor and the cashew sauce enhanced the flavor.

The Japanese noodles were also served hot. The Japanese noodles were fresh and they were mixed with mushrooms and vegetables which were fresh.

The Beef Curry was served with jasmine rice. The rice was light and the curry was tangy in flavor. The beef was fresh and it was served hot.

I also selected a Tiger Beer to enjoy with the meal.

The beer was served in a can that was chilled at the proper temperature. The beer was fresh and light and it had a good taste.

After the meal, I made a cappuccino from the hudsons coffee machine.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

The cappuccino had an excellent espresso taste and the milk was frothed well and it was foamy.

Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore

I relaxed in the lounge for a couple hours.

At 1:45 AM – 2:15 AM, the lounge was cleaned and very few other guests were present.

Staff members removed the food items from the buffet and cleaned it. The staff also were noted to vacuum the lounge areas and to deep clean everything.

Fortunately, I was not asked to leave during the cleaning.


When I was ready to depart the Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore, I proceeded to the reception desk. The agents thanked me for visiting and they wished me a pleasant flight.

The lounge activity level was very light at the time of my departure and I may have even been the only one in the lounge at the time.


Overall the Dnata Lounge Terminal 1 Singapore visit was excellent. The staff I encountered were friendly and polite. I took a relaxing shower and have a bite to eat while relaxing before my flight. I felt the food options were good and the visit was enjoyable overall.

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