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SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

by John the Wanderer
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SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

This article is SATS Premium Lounge Singapore. It Is a review of my experience at the lounge.

The review is part of my Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

Lounge Access

I accessed the SATS Premium Lounge Singapore via my Priority Pass Membership.

There are three Priority Pass lounges within Terminal 1 and seven the other two terminals for a total of ten lounges at the airport.


The SATS Premium Lounge Singapore is located in Terminal 1 in the mall area of the airport on the upper level.

The lounge is located near the British Airways Lounge.


When I arrived at the lounge, no one was present at the reception desk. After waiting for a couple minutes, an agent approached me and welcomed me to the lounge.

The agent scanned my boarding pass and processed my Priority Pass Membership card. The agent handed me the Priority Pass terminal to sign and then she invited me to enter the lounge.

When I arrived the lounge had a low level of activity with only a few other guests present. There is always something nice when you are in an airport lounge with few people around. It makes traveling seem exclusive.

Lounge Setup

The SATS Premium Lounge Singapore is setup in two sections. The main room features tables and chairs surrounding the buffet area.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

The lounge was decorated in neutral tones and featured live plants that further set the tone of being luxury.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

The area to the side of the buffet was a second room that featured tables and chairs where you could enjoy your meal with other guests or with your traveling partner.

The room also offered additional chair seating.

SATS Premium Lounge SingaporeSATS Premium Lounge Singapore

Both rooms had a luxury feel. There was also a hint of a comforting scent.

The best feature of the room were four massage chairs located at the back of the room.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

The massage chairs offered a variety of settings where you could select using a handheld remote control.

Food Options

A small buffet was available in the room that featured a few hot dishes, cold dishes, and beverages.

A self-service station was present where you could make your own Laksa.

SATS Premium Lounge SingaporeSATS Premium Lounge Singapore

A sign was posted that explained how to make it.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

The buffet offered Western and Asian selections including hot items with rice, vegetables and meat.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

The chilled items included noodle cups that you could heat up as well as fresh fruit and snacks.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

The food area was setup neatly.

An espresso machine was present where you could select your favorite beverage.

Lounge Experience

I sat in one of the massage chairs for about an hour.

The chair was comfortable and the massage functions went from deep tissue to soothing. It was a great way to relax after the long travel experience getting to Singapore and prepare me for the return journey.

I felt the massage chair was the best feature of the lounge.

I followed the instructions for making Laksa and blanched the noodles, eggs and tofu before topping with the curry sauce.

SATS Premium Lounge Singapore

As it turns out, I probably should have put more of the curry in it, as most people enjoy the noodles completely covered with the sauce.

Condiment dishes with cilantro and hot sauce was provided that further enhanced the dish.

The Laksa was served hot. The noodles were cooked well and the egg was warm and had a good taste. The sauce was bold in flavor and it was an incredible.


When I was ready to depart the lounge, I passed by the reception desk and the agent thanked me sincerely for visiting the lounge and she wished me a pleasant flight.

The lounge activity level was around 20% upon my departure.


I loved getting to enjoy the chair massage for about an hour in the SATS Premium Lounge Singapore. The agent at the reception desk was friendly. The lounge décor was upscale and it had a luxury feel with the plants that were featured throughout the facility. The Laksa was very good based on the bold curry flavor of the sauce. I would be happy to return to this lounge in the future.

Have you visited the SATS Premium Lounge Singapore?

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