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Relaxing Experience at Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

by John the Wanderer
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Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

This article is a review of Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore. The review highlights my experience in the lounge.

It is a part of my larger Singapore Mileage Run Adventure Trip.

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

Lounge Access

The Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore was accessed via my Priority Pass Card.

You can find three Priority Pass Lounges in Terminal 1 and several others in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 for a total of 10 lounges at the airport.

Paid access is also possible at the reception desk.

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The Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore is located in Terminal 1 on level 3 in the Departure and Transit Lounge.


Upon arrival at the lounge, an agent welcomed me promptly and offered assistance. After I presented my boarding pass and Priority Pass card, the agent processed the registration and she invited me to enjoy the lounge.

The lounge was at a medium level of activity when I arrived with around 40% of the seats being occupied.

Lounge Setup

The Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore is a smaller lounge featuring a main room subdivided into various areas with differing types of seats.

Plaza Premium Lounge SingaporePlaza Premium Lounge Singapore

On the far end of the room there is a picture window that overlooks the tarmac. It was dark during my visit and there was only one airplane parked there at the time.

The lounge features modern lights and other fixtures that set a good tone.

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

On one side of the lounge is a dining area that is on front of the buffet.

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

A chef station was present in the back where you could get two made to order items including Laksa and a chicken dish.

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

The buffet featured chilled items and pre-packed snacks and drinks.

Plaza Premium Lounge SingaporePlaza Premium Lounge Singapore

An espresso machine was available along with a self-service cooler for beverages.

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

The lounge features a bar; however, it was not open during the visit. A sign was posted noting that it is not available between Midnight and 6:00 AM.

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

Lounge Experience

I took a seat in the dining area and used my laptop and did some work while I waited for an hour before my flight was scheduled to board.

While I was seated in the area, I approached the chef area and a chef greeted me and offered to prepare a meal for me.

I requested Laksa and the chef prepared it in front of me.

Plaza Premium Lounge Singapore

The Laksa was served in a decorative bowl that was placed on a black tray.

The Laksa was served hot and consisted of a noodle mixture in a curry sauce with eggs, ginger and tofu. The dish had an excellent taste and flavor.

Staff members were noted circulating the area and they picked up my used dishes shortly after I finished them. The staff smiled and made eye contact with me.


When it was time to board my flight, I departed the lounge.

At the time the activity remained at about 40%.

The staff member at the reception desk greeted me warmly and she thanked me for the visiting the lounge.


It was nice getting to experience three of the Priority Pass lounges at Singapore Airport in Terminal 1. The Plaza Premium Singapore Lounge featured comfortable seating and great freshly prepared food. The staff members were polite and I felt welcomed at the lounge. Overall it was a good experience.

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Lee Huffman October 4, 2017 - 4:06 pm

I find that international lounges have better amenities than domestic lounges, and this seems to reinforce that belief. I like when they have self-service alcohol so you can make the drink as basic or as potent as you want.


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