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Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

by John the Wanderer
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Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

This article is Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita. It highlights my experience flying on Delta between Singapore and Tokyo.

Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

The review is part of the larger Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

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Trip Summary

Date: September 9, 2017

Flight: Delta 166

From: Singapore – SIN

To: Tokyo Narita – NRT

Aircraft: 763

Seat: 18F

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Delta Comfort+ Upgrade

I received an upgrade to Delta Comfort+ at the time of booking the reservation.

Boarding Pass

I used the Delta app to check in for Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita. The system checked me in but a boarding pass was not issued.

Shortly after the arriving flight. I visited the Transfer Desk D to obtain a boarding pass. When I arrived no Delta agent was present. An Air France agent was there and she informed me that the Delta desk opened three hours before the flight.

Fortunately, the Priority Pass airport lounges accepted my incoming boarding pass for access to the clubs as I had about five hours in between flights.

I returned to the Transfer Desk around 3:30 AM. One Delta agent was present at that time along with two security officers.

The Delta Agent welcomed me and asked me to go through a security interview prior to obtaining a boarding pass.

I spoke with the security officer for a few minutes before he handed me a card to present to the Delta Agent.

The agent thanked me and she processed the boarding passes. The agent offered a bottle of water and made light conversation with me before thanking me and wishing me a good flight.

Gate Area

At the airport in Singapore, passengers go through security screening immediately before entering the gate area for the flight.

The security screening process lasted five minutes.

Once the security screening was complete, an agent scanned my boarding pass and invited me to take a seat until boarding was called.

The area was light with activity and there were plenty of seats available.


Within a few minutes of arriving in the gate area for Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita, boarding began.

An agent stood near the boarding area and offered a choice of a snack from a basket. The snacks including candy and mints. I thought it was a nice touch that they offered something to passengers prior to boarding.

The agent welcomed me to board and wished me a pleasant flight.

I made my way to the jetway and onto the aircraft.

I located my seat and got comfortable for the six or so hour flight to Tokyo.

Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo NaritaDelta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

Boarding continued for about 30 minutes. Once it was complete, the door was closed and after a short pause, the airplane taxied from the gate and onwards to the runway.

The aircraft was the same one as on the outbound flight as this was a mileage run turn for me.

In Flight Experience

Shortly after being up in the air, the flight attendants offered a hot towel to all passengers followed by a meal service.

The meal service included a choice between eggs or an Asian noodle breakfast. I requested the Asian noodle dish.

The flight attendant also offered a beverage at that time and I requested orange juice.

The breakfast was served on a tray that included a small fruit plate, strawberry yogurt and a pastry along with the entrée.

Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

The Asian Noodle Entrée was served hot. The noodles were cooked well and they were seasoned in a tangy ginger based sauce. The noodles included vegetables and the dish had an excellent taste and flavor.

Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

The fruit was served chilled and it was cubed mango, grapes and pineapple. The fruit was sweet and had a good taste.

The yogurt was also chilled and it was fresh and had a good flavor.

The breakfast pastry was served in a plastic wrap. The pastry was flaky and it had a good taste.

Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

A bottle of water was provided to each passenger during the meal service.

Flight attendants circulated the cabin and offered additional beverages when the trays were removed.

I slept for a few hours before working on my laptop for a while.

The WiFi functioned on the flight along with the entertainment system.

Arrival Meal

About one hour and 15 minutes prior to landing, the cabin lights were illuminated.

The flight attendants offered a hot towel followed by a snack and beverage service.

The snack was a Chicken Massaman Wrap and chocolate cake. I declined a beverage as I still had plenty of water from earlier in the flight.

The Chicken Massaman Wrap was served in a paper box that you could tear open on one end to hold the wrap to avoid spills.

Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita

The Chicken Massaman Wrap was made with chicken curry sauce, green peas, carrots, potatoes and chick peas. The tortilla was fresh and the ingredients were excellent. The curry was tangy and the vegetables went well with it. It was an excellent snack. The portion size was medium.

The chocolate cake was wrapped in plastic and it was a sweet loaf of bread flavored with chocolate. The dessert was fresh and it had a good taste.


About 30 minutes prior to landing, the Captain provided a greeting and thanked everyone for flying on Delta.

The flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing.

Once the plane was on the ground, there was a short taxi to the gate.

As I exited the plane, the flight attendants thanked me for flying Delta and wished me a good day.

I made my way to the transfer area and went through security before re-entering the terminal.

The flight arrived about 45 minutes ahead of schedule.


I enjoyed my Delta Airlines Singapore Tokyo Narita flight on the 767. The seat was comfortable. The meal services were good and the food had a good flavor. The WiFi functioned well and the entertainment system offered great content. The flight attendants were proactive in offering service and they made me feel welcome.

What do you think about Delta’s 767-300 aircraft?



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