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Up in the Air on Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

by John the Wanderer
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an airplane on the runway

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

This article is Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit which is serviced on the 747-400 aircraft.

Delta Sky Club Tokyo Narita Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The article is part of my larger Singapore Mileage Run Adventure.

Trip Summary

Date: September 9, 2017

Flight: Delta 276

From: Tokyo – NRT

To: Detroit – DTW

Aircraft: 747-400

Seat: 26C

Delta Comfort+ Upgrade

I was upgraded to Delta Comfort+ at the time of booking the reservation. I selected an aisle seat at the rear of the Comfort+ cabin.

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Gate Area

I entered the gate area for Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit after boarding had started.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The gate agents were lining up Delta One customers and Sky Priority customers on the left hand side of the check in area and everyone else on the right hand side.

The agents used hand signs that indicated what group should line up where.

Although the system looked a bit crazy, it worked really well and the lines were controlled well.


When I arrived in the gate area, I joined the Sky Priority Zone line and waited a few minutes before the group was called to board.

Within a couple minutes of me joining the line, I reached the gate agent who reviewed my passport and scanned my boarding pass before inviting me to board the Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit flight.

A secondary security screening was being conducted in the jetway area; however, I was waived passed the screening and allowed to board the aircraft.

Flight attendants welcomed me at the front door and reviewed me boarding pass to tell me which aisle to use for my seat.

I located my seat and stored by bag above in the overhead bin.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The seat was setup similarly to my previous flight on the 747, however, for this flight, a menu was provided for Delta Comfort+ which described all the meal options and explained the service on the flight.

Delta Airlines Tokyo DetroitDelta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

Boarding continued for about 30 minutes before the cabin was prepared for take off.

There was a short delay at the gate for checking baggage on the aircraft before the door was closed and the plane pushed back.

Once we pushed back from the gate, there was a quick taxi to a runway and then the 747 lifted off into the sky on a northbound course heading back to Detroit.

In Flight Experience

The entertainment system turned on during the taxi as the safety video was displayed. The system functioned without issue at my seat.

Once the Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit flight was up in the air, the flight attendants made a few announcements before preparing for a meal service.

The meal service began with a hot towel service followed by beverages and snacks and then the lunch meal service.

The lunch options for the flight included a choice between Curry Beef with Rice, Chicken with vegetables and pasta, or a vegetarian pasta. I requested the chicken dish for this flight.

The flight attendant was happy to fill my water bottle when the beverage service was provided.

The lunch tray was setup with a salad, appetizer with salami, mushrooms and olives, bread, entrée and chocolate muffin for dessert.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The tray was presented neatly and the entrée was served covered.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The chicken entrée was served hot. The chicken consisted of a small breast piece that had a light sauce over it with a few vegetables. Pasta was served on the side with gnocchi or potato filled pasta. The chicken was slightly dry but it had a good seasoning. The vegetables were fresh and the gnocchi was excellent.

The salad consisted of mixed vegetables with a tangy ginger based dressing. The vegetables were fresh and the salad had a good taste.

The appetizer was salty but the salami was fresh and the mushrooms had a good flavor.

The muffin was sweet and it had a good taste overall.

I watched a movie during the meal service and then took a nap for about four hours.

Mid Flight Snack

With about five hours to go on Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit the flight attendants turned on the lights and offered a snack service consisting of a cheese and herb Stromboli and vanilla ice cream.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The Stromboli was prepackaged in a box that you could tear away and use as a holder while you consumed the dish. The bread was hot and it was filled with cheese and herbs. The herbs had a good flavor and the snack was enjoyable.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The ice cream was served in a small container. The ice cream was Haagen-Dazs brand and it was rich and creamy and had an excellent taste. The vanilla had an excellent flavor and it was fresh.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

I ordered a Ginger Ale to accompany the snack. The ginger ale was fresh and it had a good flavor.

After the snack was cleared I worked on my laptop for a couple hours before taking a nap.

Arrival Meal

About an hour before arrival, the flight attendants offered a pre-arrival meal. The meal options were eggs or Japanese noodles. I requested the Japanese noodles.

A beverage service was also provided at the time. I requested Ginger Ale.

The arrival meal on Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit was served on a small tray and it included fresh fruit, bread and the entrée.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The Japanese were served hot. The noodles were served with beef, peppers and onions. The noodles had a good taste and the beef was fresh. The vegetables tasted fresh and had a good flavor.

Delta Airlines Tokyo Detroit

The fruit was served in a small cup and it included melon, grapes and oranges. The fruit was fresh and it had a good taste.

The bread was soft and it had a slightly sweet taste.

The ginger ale was also fresh and it had a good taste.


After the meal concluded, the flight attendants prepared the cabin for landing and they removed the used items.

The Captain made an announcement with arrival information.

The plane landed on time and after a 10-minute taxi it arrived at the gate. The door was opened quickly and passengers were able to deplane.

I made my way to the immigration and customs area and utilized Global Entry.

The kiosk took about one minute from the time entering the hall to exiting the kiosk. There was a line of about 15 other Global Entry passengers waiting to exit at the time. The agent was questioning each passenger and that line took about 10 minutes.

Once I exited customs, I made my way to the transportation center to catch a bus to the North Terminal for my flights on American Airlines.


Overall the flight was good. I felt that the seat was comfortable and the flight attendants were polite and welcoming. The experience was similar as the flight over, in fact the flight attendants were the same crew that served on the flight from Detroit to Tokyo. The meal service was good and the WiFi functioned throughout the flight. Overall it was a good experience.

It was nice having an opportunity to fly on the 747 for a final time before they get retired soon.

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