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American Airlines Washington Providence

by John the Wanderer
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an airplane wing and land and water

American Airlines Washington Providence

This article is American Airlines Washington Providence. It is an overview of my time flying American Airlines from Washington DC to Providence, RI.

American Airlines Washington Providence

The review of American Airlines is part of my wife and my New England Road Trip.

Trip Summary

Date: April 26, 2018

Flight: American Airlines

From: Washington DC – DCA

To: Providence, RI – PVD

Aircraft: E175

Seat: 20F

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Gate Area

My wife and I had about 50 minutes to spare in between my flights at Washington DC Region National Airport.

We spent about 20 minutes in the American Admiral’s Club located above gate 23 before making my way to the gate area at the scheduled boarding time.

The gate area had a few open seats; however, most of the guests were standing around waiting for boarding to begin.

My wife and I joined the line to board when our group was called.

The gate agent scanned our boarding passes before inviting us onboard.

The flight attendants greeted us when we entered the aircraft and we made our way to our seats.

Boarding was efficient and it lasted about 20 minutes before the plane departed the gate.

There was a short taxi from the gate.

American Airlines Washington ProvidenceAmerican Airlines Washington Providence

While the plane was waiting to take-off, I watched a couple other planes land coming in from over the water.

American Airlines Washington Providence

A few minutes later, the plane made its way down the runway.

The plane took off to the side of the Jefferson and Washington Monuments and I got a good view of the National Mall as we made our way up into the clouds.

American Airlines Washington ProvidenceAmerican Airlines Washington ProvidenceAmerican Airlines Washington Providence


My wife and I were seated in different rows for the flight to Providence.

I was seated in row 20, which is a standard economy seat.

American Airlines Washington Providence

The plane featured streaming entertainment and WiFi.

The seat was comfortable overall; however, legroom was a bit limited.

American Airlines Washington Providence

In Flight Experience

The flight from Washington to Providence is just under an hour so the flight went by quickly.

The flight attendants (FA) provided a beverage service once the plane reached cruising altitude.

The FA that greeted me was polite and she provided a glass of water upon my request.

Once the service was complete, the FAs returned to pick up the used items and prepare the cabin for arrival.

I enjoyed looking out the window during the flight.

American Airlines Washington ProvidenceAmerican Airlines Washington ProvidenceAmerican Airlines Washington ProvidenceAmerican Airlines Washington Providence

The views were fantastic as we were over the water and New England.


The American Airlines Washington DC Providence flight was quick and it landed in under an hour after take-off.

American Airlines Washington ProvidenceAmerican Airlines Washington Providence

Once the plane was on the ground, there was a short taxi to the gate.

Baggage Claim

My wife and I proceeded to the baggage claim area to pick up our bags. Upon arrival, the bags were already being delivered. We located our bag promptly. The bag was returned in good condition.

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Quick flights on regional jets can be a lot of fun. My seat was behind the wing, so I enjoyed getting to look out throughout the flight and take in the views on the sunny day. The seat was comfortable, and the flight attendants were welcoming. The experience was enjoyable.

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