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Chambery Inn – Charming Berkshire Accommodations

by John the Wanderer
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Chambery Inn – Charming Berkshire Accommodations

This article is Chambery Inn – Charming Berkshire Accommodations. It is a review of my experience staying at the charming Chambery Inn in Lee, Massachusetts.

Chambery Inn

The review of Chambery Inn is part of my wife and my New England Road Trip.

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I was connected with Chambery Inn thanks to 1Berkshire. The Chambery Inn generously provided complimentary overnight accommodations for this experience. While the experience was hosted, the views in this article are my own.

You can book your stay at the Chambery Inn online on TripAdvisor for between $100-$150 per-night depending on the date.

Check out the Chambery Inn on TripAdvisor to read other guests reviews.


Chambery Inn is located in Lee, Massachusetts in a quiet neighborhood along the main street.

Chambery Inn

The Chambery Inn was originally a school house and it includes classic school house features in the public areas and guest rooms, which gives the hotel great charm.

Chambery Inn

The hotel is located on a large lawn and the building has been maintained well over the years.


The lobby is setup neatly with a welcome table featuring fresh cookies and local maple syrup, which create a nice tone to welcome you.

Chambery Inn

A small reception desk is located to the side of the steps.

Chambery Inn

The steps have signs listing boys and girls. In the past the children would use the steps to reach the various rooms in the school so that the boys and girls could be separated.

The lobby features artwork reflective of the history of the hotel.

Chambery InnChambery Inn

In addition, fresh plants and other details are including to enhance the experience.

On the lower level, guests could obtain ice and filtered water as well as review local attractions from the collection of items.

Chambery Inn

The hotel is a great starting point for a Berkshires adventure with a ton of resources available from the display.

Chambery Inn


The check in process at Chambery Inn was quick. The agent greeted us shortly after we arrived. The agent processed our registration and she escorted us up to a room.

We later learned that the agent was one of the owners of the hotel!

The owner pointed out the various aspects of the hotel and she informed us about breakfast as well as the kitchen which we could use during the stay.

Upon arrival in the room, the owner showed us how to use the heating controls, whirlpool bathtub, heated towel rack, and the fireplace.

The owner assisted us with carrying our luggage up from the car and assisted with us getting settled.

The agent was friendly and polite.

When we walked by the desk later in the evening, she greeted us again and assisted with local information and provided a dinner recommendation.


Chambery Inn

We were assigned room 303, which is a large room with a king size four-post bed on the upper level of the hotel.

Chambery Inn

The bed was decorated neatly. The four posts were topped with white linens to enhance the view.

The room featured a large seating area to the side of the room.Chambery Inn

A plant was provided by the window.

The room offered large windows which offered plenty of light in the room.

The walls features love messages from previous guests who stayed in the room.

Chambery InnChambery InnChambery Inn

It was so awesome that they made use of the chalkboards for this purpose! We loved reading the words of advice.

Another couch and seating area was located near the entrance of the room. In addition, a coffee machine was available.

Chambery Inn

One of the best features of the room was the fireplace which was a gas one and it could easily be controlled by a switch on the wall.

Chambery Inn

Above the fireplace, we found an extremely large television, which gave a modern feel ot the room.

Chambery Inn


The bathroom was large, and it had good space on the counter for us to store our personal items.

Chambery Inn

The bathroom was clean and organized neatly.

The best feature of the bathroom was the whirlpool bath tub and shower.

In addition, the room featured heated towel racks so that our towels would be warm.

Chambery Inn

The linens were clean, and they were soft.

Amenities were provided in neat bottles at the sink which were setup nicely. They had a pleasant scent.

Chambery Inn

The bathroom was clean and toilet, sink and shower all functioned without issue.

Guest Experience

The room was on the warmer side; however, it featured a ceiling fan.

We were able to adjust the temperature and turn on the air conditioning with the controls in the room. The temperature cooled off after about an hour, which was great for sleeping.

The room was quiet throughout the night.

The bed was comfortable, and it featured soft pillows and linens.

One room enhancement would be an option for a firmer pillow in the closet. We likely could have obtained firmer pillows from the agent, however, by the time we discovered it, we just wanted to sleep so we ignored the issue.

The bed was soft, and we got a good night’s sleep.


The room offers a bed and breakfast experience. Breakfast is ordered the evening prior using a card that you place on the door.

Chambery Inn

In the morning, the hotel delivers the breakfast in a basket so that you can have a picnic like breakfast in bed.

We requested our breakfast between 8:45 AM – 9:00 AM.

At 8:45 AM, there was a knock on the door. When we opened the door, the owner greeted us using our name and presented the basket.

Chambery Inn

The owner setup the basket in the room and she asked if we needed anything further. The agent also informed us that she would be happy to provide more coffee or juice.

The owner wished us a good breakfast.

The breakfast included English muffin, quiche, oatmeal, berries, coffee and orange juice.

Chambery Inn

All the items were wrapped in aluminum foil to keep them warm.

Chambery Inn

The basket was a nice touch and we enjoyed having the picnic style breakfast.

The English muffin was toasted well, and it was served warm with butter and jam. It had a good taste.

The quiche was served warm and it was fresh with vegetables and herbs and had a good taste.

The oatmeal was served warm. The oatmeal was slightly sweet, and the berries went well with it. The berries were fresh.

The coffee and juice were excellent. Fresh milk was provided with the coffee.

Check Out

In the morning when we were ready to depart, the owner greeted us and inquired about our stay. She also made conversation with us about our dinner the previous evening and breakfast in the morning. The owner thanked us for staying at the property and she wished us a great day.

The owner even helped with our luggage.


My wife and I enjoyed our stay at Chambery Inn. It was a great surprise to get to meet one of the owners. She was friendly and made us feel warmly welcomed to the property. The room had great decorations and it was clean and comfortable. The love messages on the wall from the previous guests is a nice touch. The breakfast picnic basket was excellent, and it was a nice touch to make the stay unique.

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