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Chez Nous French Dinner in Berkshires

by John the Wanderer
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Chez Nous French Dinner in Berkshires

This article is Chez Nous French Dinner in Berkshires. It is a review of my wife and my experience dining at restaurant in Lee, Massachusetts.

Chez Nous French Dinner

Our experience and review are part of our New England Road Trip.


Chez Nous is located in the Berkshires in Lee, Massachusetts.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The restaurant is where a French chef from Brittany and an American pastry chef, working with a team of like-minded, talented people bring passion for cooking and eating well to the table.

The restaurant uses good ingredients and works with fine producers of  wines to ensure that guests meals are consistent with quality and amazing tastes and flavors.

The front dining room has some fun decorations.

Chez Nous French DinnerChez Nous French Dinner

Check out Chez Nous on TripAdvisor for more reviews and photos.


My wife and I arrived at Chez Nous and were greeted by the host who welcomed us.

The host confirmed that we had a reservation and she escorted us to a table in the front dining room.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The host assisted us with seating and she presented menus and wished us a good meal.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The server approached the table a few minutes later and introduced herself.

The server offered beverages and suggested wine or a cocktail. She also offered water and presented a bread basket with olives and fresh butter.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The server provided information on the menu and suggested that we allow the chef to make a tasting menu.

We thought that was a good idea, so we accepted the offer and the server thanked us. The server offered drinks.

My wife ordered a sparkling wine and I requested a cocktail.

The server returned a few minutes later with the cocktails. She asked us to enjoy them.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The server provided a small split bottle for the sparkling wine for my wife and she poured the first glass for her.

My drink was a sparkling cocktail with gin and lemon juice and zest.

Both beverages were excellent, and they set the town for a good meal.


The chef at Chez Nous selected two appetizers for us to enjoy.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The first appetizer was House-Made Pate Selection.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The appetizer was served on a decorative board and it included three types of pate. The first was Local Pork Country Pate which was smooth, and it had a mild flavor.

The second pate was a Duck Rillettes, which had a smoky flavor.

The thirds pate was Chicken Liver Parfait that was mild and creamy.

The pate was served with fresh local bread, onion chutney and pickles.

The bread was crispy and chewy which provided a good backdrop for the pate.

The onion chutney was sweet, and it provided a great contrast to the tangy pate.

The pate was incredible, and we savored each bite. All three varieties were excellent, and you can’t go wrong with this dish.

Second Appetizer

The second appetizer was Crispy Truffled Cod Brandade.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The cod brandade was cod and potato fritters that were served with sundried tomato aioli and a arugula salad.

The cod was fresh and mild in flavor. It was cooked with fresh potatoes that were seasoned well.

The cod and potatoes were deep fried into small rolls.

The aioli was tangy, and it had an excellent tomato flavor, which enhanced the taste of the fritters. The salad was light, and it had a good dressing which paired well with the appetizer.

The server checked in with us a couple times while we were enjoying the appetizers.

After we finished them, she removed the dishes from the table and prepared the table for the next course.


The chef selected two entrees for us to enjoy and provided the half portion of each.

Chez Nous French Dinner

First Entree

The first entrée was the Grilled Organic Scottish Salmon.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The salmon was cooked perfectly. It was tender and light and had an amazing taste.

The salmon was served over a sweet potato puree with spinach and Breton sea vegetable Buerre Blanc sauce.

The sweet potatoes were creamy and were blended well and seasoned lightly. The spinach was fresh, and it was seasoned with sea salt.

The salmon tasted incredible on its own. With we took a bite of it with the potatoes and spinach, it made each bite amazing and that much better.

The dish was presented excellently, and it was hot.

Second Entree

The second entrée was Pan-Seared Massachusetts’s Scallops.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The scallops were seared on each side and were cooked perfectly.

The seafood was tender and had an amazing taste.

The scallops were served with a black truffle vinaigrette which added a bold taste for the seafood.

The dish was also served with fresh asparagus and peas, which were also cooked well and had an awesome taste.

Both entrees were amazing.

My wife loved the scallops the best and I loved the salmon. Either option would be incredible for your dinner.

The manager stopped by while we were enjoying the entrees and she introduced herself and inquired about the meal. The manager thanked us, and she asked us to continue enjoying our meal.

The server kept the table maintained throughout the meal and she made sure we had everything that we needed.

Once we finished the entrees, the sever cleared the table and prepared it for the next course.

Cheese Course

The chef selected a cheese course to sample before the dessert.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The cheese plate included three fresh cheeses that were paired with nuts fit chutney and toast.

Each of the cheeses was tangy and bold in flavor and it parried well with the accompaniments.

We loved the French Goat cheese and Comte one the best, but all three were excellent.

The cheese tray was presented attractively.


Once my wife and I finished our cheese course, the server removed the plate and she prepared us for dessert.

Two desserts were selected by the chef.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The first dessert was Chez Nous’s signature one, a Blondie Sundae with Sea Salted Caramel.

The Blondie Sundae were served in cocktail glass.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The blondie bars were warm, and they were rich and creamy and had a bold chocolate taste.

The blonde bars were topped with fresh vanilla ice cream and sweet caramel sauce.

Rum raisins were also added to the dish to add a bold flavor.

Each bite was heavenly, and we savored each bite.

The second dessert was the French Almond Macaroon Shortcake.

Chez Nous French Dinner

The French Almond Macaroon shortcake was a macaroon that was two light and airy and sweet pastries that were placed in between key lime cream.

The key lime cream was rich, and it tasted like a ripe lime and it paired perfectly with the macaroon.

Fresh berries were served on the side.


After we finished our meal, the server and manager checked in with us.

The server thanked us and she offered coffee, tea or another cocktail. After we declined she thanked us.

Chez Nous generously provided the tasting course to us complimentary. The value of the meal was approximately $100.

The server presented the check for the beverages.

I paid with for the beverages and provided a tip.

The server thanked us sincerely,

The manager thanked us for dining at the restaurant and she invited us to return in the future.


My wife and I had an amazing dinner at Chez Nous Bistro in the Berkshires. Our tasting menu was incredible, and each dish went perfectly together. From the first to the last bite, the meal was incredible. The environment is comfortable and cozy which enhanced the meal. We really enjoyed the experience overall.

While our meal was generously provided by Chez Nous, we would happily return in the future for another meal as the experience was incredible. I was connected to Chez Nous by 1Berkshire.

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