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Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses

by John the Wanderer
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Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses

This article is Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses. It is about this great app called Travel Freely that makes managing your credit cards, applications and bonus offers easier than ever.

Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses

Travel Freely

Travel Freely is a web page that manages your credit card portfolio for you. It reminds you when you need to hit specific spend thresholds and it tracks when the bonuses are received.

The webpage is set up neatly and it is easy to follow.

Travel Freely offers some great features:

  • Annual Fee Reminders
  • Safe Application Timer
  • Bonus Deadline Reminders
  • 5/24 Status Tracker
  • Card Recommendations

Note: This article is sponsored. The views expressed in the article are my own. 


The application developer used to use his own spreadsheets to track credit card bonuses.

As many miles and points followers know, these spreadsheets often get very large with the more cards you use.

The application developer wanted to make sure he was follows 5/24 he could continue to apply or Chase credit cards as well as making sure he didn’t leave any bonus points on the table by missing a deadline.

This process can be really involved when you are using your own spreadsheet.

This created a pain point for him, so he wanted something better.

The application developer put together an amazing app called Travel Freely which makes it easy to manage miles and point cards in one spot.

Why Travel Freely?

I have used Travel Freely for a few weeks now and have found it to be really easy to use.

I used to use spreadsheets which got complicated in trying to capture more and more information as new requirements on cards became available. For example, some cards offer an initial bonus within the first 60-90 days and then another one at anniversary date. That meant for more required tracking. It got annoying maintaining the spreadsheet.

I was amazed when I found this app, because it makes the difficult process so easy.

How it works

Travel Freely works by you first add all the credit cards you have as well as the date they were opened.

Travel Freely

You can also note the bonus that you received.

The app sorts the cards by the renewal date and it clearly shows when the annual fee is due I know when I need to call for retention bonuses or to convert a card to a different one if it is no longer providing enough value.

The system allows for adding personal and business cards and you can toggle and sort between them.


At the renewal date, if I end up converting the card to a different one, I can easily change the card type without having to re-enter all the details.

In addition, past cards are stored in the history so you can track when it is time to re-apply for a bonus when it becomes eligible again.

You can set travel goals which motivate you for an awesome miles and point redemption!

Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses


A great view option in the app is the calendar tool.

Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses

The tool allows me to clearly see upcoming deadlines over the next year.

The calendar shows me when annual fees are due as well as spending deadlines.

I like the calendar function to plan card applications so I can spread out the annual fees throughout the year and not all at the same time.


If you are familiar with the miles and points world, you know about 5/24.

5/24 is Chase’s rule which prevents you from getting approved for a Chase card if you have opened 5 or more cards in the past 24 months.

Travel Freely allows users to see clearly cards were opened, so you know when you are under 5/24.

This information makes me be strategic to know exactly when I can apply for a Chase card such as the Sapphire Reserve Card.


Travel Freely offers a great dashboard.

Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses

The dashboard allows me to set travel goals such as a trip to the Maldives on miles and points.

It helps me stay on track to reach the points necessary for the trip.

The dashboard provides a summary of the points you’ve earned and the approximate value of them.

The dashboard clearly shows your 5/24 status, annual fees due in the next month or so and bonus deadlines.

I find the dashboard to be intuitive and it makes it easy to do.

Other Great Features

The app offers some other features that are awesome as well.

Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses

These features include the ability to set customized email alerts to tell you of important deadlines or when you are under 5/24.

Travel Freely

It also offers a Card Genie which gives you recommendations on cards to apply for.Travel Freely Track Miles and Point Credit Card Bonuses

Great Offer

Travel Freely is offering readers of the John the Wanderer blog to get six months of free service!

After the six month free trial, you can upgrade the app to the Essential Plan for about $3 a month!

Sign up using this link.

While there are so many tools out there that have a monthly fee, none of them eliminate your old spreadsheets for managing credit cards like Travel Freely. I think that $3 a month is worth it.

For that, you will make managing your miles and point cards really easy and it will give you visibility on when you are under 5/24.

The best thing is you do not have to enter a credit card to start so there is no risk.

Give the app a try for six-months!

You will thank me later!






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