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jClub – Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks

by John the Wanderer
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jClub – Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks

This article is jClub – Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks. It is about this awesome shopping portal that I discovered that has deals on electronics, clothes, home goods and even pet supplies!

jClub - Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks

jClub – Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks


jClub is a new online shopping destination for anyone who loves getting an amazing deal but isn’t interested in tricks, gimmicks, or fees.

The shopping destination is dedicated to simplifying shopping and saving with great deals and a commitment so customer service.

They offer products from a variety of categories at everyday low prices plus exclusive sale events that drop prices even lower.

To make things even better, they offer Free Shipping and Free 30 Day Returns all the time.


The main page on jCLUB feels a bit like Groupon or Living Social but I felt that it was easier to search and find items quickly. jCLUB – Amazing Deals With No Gummicks seems a lot better than the other sites especially because it offers free shipping and free returns!

jClub - Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks

jCLUB Home Page

I found a variety of items available from electronics, to household goods to jewelry and pets.

I enjoyed going through the portal and checking out the deals on jCLUB – Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks shopping portal.

I like deals on electronics because I feel you can get some awesome deals especially if you are willing to buy refurbished equipment.

jClub - Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks

jCLUB Electronics

Initially, the Macbook Pro laptop deal caught my eye as well as a few of the other items on the page.

There were 100’s of electronic deals available and the pricing looks great.

Special Offer

jClub reached out to me and is offering a special offer to the readers of the John the Wanderer Blog where you can get an additional 20% off site wide on all your purchases if you enter in the promo code: JOHNTHEWANDERER on the checkout page.

I tested out the deal and found an already amazing deal on a Macbook Air laptop for $625.99.

jClub - Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks

Macbook Air Deal

After I entered the promo code JOHNTHEWANDERER, it took an additional $125.19 off the purchase price, bringing the total down to $500.79!

jClub - Amazing Deals With No Gimmicks

JOHNTHEWANDERER 20% off promo applied

Online Shopping

I do most of my shopping online these days. I love when I can find a good deal and was excited when I stumbled upon jCLUB as you can get some tremendous value on everything from clothing to baby stuff to electronics!


jCLUB options

In addition, the fact that they are offering an additional 20% savings by using my promo code: JOHNTHEWANDERER it just sweetens the deal. In addition, I like how the site offers free shipping and 30 day free returns!

I am excited to place my first order!

What would you buy?


Note: jCLUB reached out to me and is sponsoring this post. The views expressed in the article are my own.


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Lee Huffman February 14, 2018 - 4:49 pm

Thanks for sharing the code to get 20% off my order. What a great selection of goodies. I’m going to look for some gifts for my kids and wife since their birthday’s are coming up.


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