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FinalPrice: An Awesome Travel Booking Platform

by John the Wanderer
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FinalPrice: An Awesome Travel Booking Platform

This article is FinalPrice: An Awesome Travel Booking Platform.  It is about a great way to save money on booking travel for you and your family and friends.

FinalPrice is a unique subscription based travel booking site app. The cool thing is you can either subscribe for the full discount or split the discount as a free user to try it out. They let you try it for a week for free to test it out.

FinalPrice offers the lowest priced rental cars, hotels and airfare without any markup saving you up to 30% off hotels and airfare.

The awesome travel booking platform FinalPrice costs $99 per year; however, you can quickly recoup the funds with two hotel bookings. With the subscription you can book hotels, airfare and rental cars with a 7 day free cancellation. The free user can still book hotels while enjoying 50% of the discounted price.In addition, they give you a free week to try it out without obligation.

I became a member because it is an easy to use app and offers bookings on hotels, rental cars and airfare to locations around the world. The savings are noticeable.

New York Hotel Booking

I recently booked a hotel room in New York City so I wanted to give FinalPrice a test drive. I was a bit skeptical at first since it is based on a subscription model, but immediately in my first search, I saw what a difference it makes.


I booked the Yotel New York Times Square Hotel for a Mid-Week stay in December.

First I checked the hotel’s webpage, and saw the nightly rate was $175 all in (room, taxes, fees).

I looked on Priceline and Expedia as a comparison, and saw the same $175 all in cost. For those you paid about $125 up front and then the other $50 at the hotel for the taxes and fees.

I quickly ran a search on the app in FinalPrice and found an all-in price of $124 including the taxes and fees.


This is an immediate $50 savings.

I thought that might be an exception, so I ran searches in other cities for other hotels, and I found very similar results of around $45-$65 off the prices on the other booking sites.

I book a lot of hotel stays over the year for myself and others so having savings off of each hotel stay can really add up.

Team Bookings

FinalPrice allows you to have 10 travelers at any given time.

So if you have to book flights or hotel for a colleague, you can add them to the list, and process the booking for them.

The best thing is, that once the hotel stay for your friend or colleague is done, you can remove them from the app and add a different person. So if you book hotels for five people at your work, you can have all five in the app and quickly make bookings for them.

If you book flights or airfare for a team of 15 people, you can add and remove people constantly to book for all of them. Just add them and remove them once the trip is complete.

How does it work?

FinalPrice provides the traveler transparency on the price and makes money via the subscription model, so they earn income through the annual fee from members.

Most travel websites or booking platforms do not have a subscription model; however, they end up costing you a lot more for the same room.

So for example, an average hotel room might retail for $100, and the hotel needs to fill rooms, so they go out to partners and offer it wholesale for $70. The travel partner then offers the room to you for $85 and makes $15 from the booking. They might even add a further fee hidden in the taxes, which is what I see Priceline doing.

FinalPrice is different because, they take that $70 wholesale price and offer it to you at $70. They already earned income from the subscription model, do they do not need to charge extra for each booking.


Airfare is a different animal as there are very small fluctuations in the pricing between sites.

FinalPrice still obtains a small discount off most airfare and they pass it on to you.

I tested this out and looked at buying tickets from Minneapolis to Lansing around the holiday time.


Delta offered a fare of $779 for a basic economy fare.

I am not a fan of basic economy fares because you do not get to select a seat, cannot reissue the ticket, and do not get upgrades on these fares.

This might not matter to you, but to me I avoid Basic Economy Fares.

Anyway, Delta offered $779 for the airfare. FinalPrice had the same flights in the same basic economy class for $769, offering a $10 savings.

I realize $10 is not much, but if you book four tickets, that’s $40 and could cover a lunch or something so it is meaningful.

FinalPrice Bottom Line

The Awesome Travel Booking Site FinalPrice is an awesome new tool that can save money on hotel and airfare for you and your friends and family.

The best thing is that they have a great referral program as they are currently building new customers and offering $20 credit if you sign up using my link.

Right off the bat, that can take $20 off the $100 annual fee.

You can use the $20 off your first booking on the site, so you pay the $100 up front and then get $20 savings off your first booking.

Not Convinced?

I realize you may not be convinced. Try it out for yourself free for a week. FinalPrice offers a free week trial for the subscription which includes hotels, airfare and rental car.

Still hesitant committing to a subscription? Then sign up for free to price compare and book a hotel while still getting prices less than your current travel booking site.

Sign up using my link and get $20 off your first booking.

What do you think about FinalPrice? To me it’s a no brainer. Check out the Awesome Travel Booking Platform, FinalPrice today and save $20 off your first booking.

Note: FinalPrice reached out to me and offered a complimentary membership and has sponsored this post. The views expressed in this article are my own.


Lee Huffman December 28, 2017 - 9:58 am

That’s a really great opportunity to save some serious money on a reservation. If you book using the Barclaycard Arrival, would you be able to use those credits to offset the reservation? Also, do you get status perks and stay credits when booking at hotels?

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