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Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

by John the Wanderer
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Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

This article is Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories. It is about Common Fiber Wallets and & Accessories.

Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

Common Fiber manufactures wallets, cell phone cases, sunglasses and more with a unique carbon fiber hinge.

Disclaimer: Common Fibers has sponsored this post.  They compensate this blog for our honest feedback and opinions of their service.  I use my Common Fibers Wallet in my personal life and would order one even if they weren’t a sponsor.

Black Friday

This year has sure gone by quickly. It seems like it was just summer, but yesterday I just spent time with family and had an incredible turkey dinner.

So now it is Friday…. Black Friday.

Many of you have probably already been shopping since all the stores open early and most even open on Thanksgiving now!

Hopefully you found some good deals so far!

I found an incredible deal for a travel wallet, with savings between 30-50% off the regular prices.

Wallets and Accesories

Common Fibers offers an Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories.

Common Fibers invented the world’s first continuous carbon fiber hinge. This technology has made it possible to make unique edge-to-edge carbon fiber products from wallets to phone cases.

Expect to see these same hinges on supercars and airplanes soon! Embrace the future; carry a part of a race car in your pocket everyday!

Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

The hinges sound really cool but they look like $1,000,000!

I love the details in the design on the wallets and the cool pattern and texture.

Wallet Details

Common Fibers Wallets are made in the United States of America.

They come with RFID protection so they are a perfect travel wallet.

The wallet offers six spaces for credit cards, identification cards and business cards.

I like them because I can just put my travel items in the wallet and not worry about my other cards I use at home.

Better yet, they come with a great warranty.

MAX Red Twill

I got early access to the sale, and selected a Max Red Twill wallet.

The Max Red Twill wallet retails for $85 but during the Black Friday Sale it is available for 50% off at $42.50! Plus if you use my promo code: JOHNTHEWANDERER1 you will get an additional 10% off!

The wallet arrived within two days in a cool looking package.

Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

The box was simple, yet it has the cool Common Fibers logo.

Once opened the box, I got a glimpse of the awesome Twill details.

Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

Once I opened the package, I felt it and found that the hinge was smooth and all the details were exceptional.

Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

The inside offered a pop of color with the red background.

Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories

I love that it has RFID blocking technology inside and that it looks so cool and is slim and is the perfect traveling companion.

Composite Experts

After I ordered the wallet, I learned that Common Fibers is a composite expert and they will work with you to design something unique for you.

The company works  on automotive projects, custom wallets, skateboards, and more!

Just think, you could have the unique designs on your car!

Black Friday Deal

Common Fibers is running an incredible Black Friday Deal, where through Cyber Monday, you can save up to 50% off your order. In addition, if you use my promo code JOHNTHEWANDERER1 for your order, you can save an additional 10% off the already discounted price.

Travel Wallet

I have a trip coming up in a few weeks and I am excited to get use my Common Fibers MAX Wallet!

I’ve already tried it out, and at two stores, the cashier commented on how cool it looked.

Get one for yourself using my link and promo code JOHNTHEWANDERER1 to save an additional 10% off.

What do you think? Would you go for this Incredible Deal Carbon Fiber Wallets & Accessories?




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