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Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

by John the Wanderer
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Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

This article is about Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds for cell phones.

Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

Disclaimer: Smartomi has sponsored this post.  They compensate this blog for our honest feedback and opinions of their service.  I ordered a pair of the Smartomi Q5 Wireless Earbuds and will be using them in my personal life and would buy one even if they weren’t a sponsor.


I recently upgraded to an iPhone X which got me thinking about a Bluetooth options as regular headphones require an adapter.

My previous phone was an iPhone 6, so this was the first time that this issue came up as the iPhone 6 had a standard headphone jack.

When I travel I use the Bose noise cancelling headphones, which I connect via the standard headphone jack.

Now with the iPhone X, I need to use an adapter which reduces the quality on the sound slightly.

Smartomi Q5 Wireless Earbuds

Due to my new phone I started looking for Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds to use with my iPhone X.

I recently came across Smartomi which offers some exceptional earbuds for about $40.

Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds


Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

The Smartomi Q5 Wireless Earbuds offer the following benefits:

  1. Completely wireless in 0.2 ounces,
  2. Stereo sound,
  3. Noise Cancelling,
  4. Earpieces with Mic hands-free calls,
  5. Compatible for iOs and Android
  6. Two colors option: Black and White

Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

The earbuds look really cool, are light and they work well with iPhones as well as Android phones.

I personally like the black version, however, they are also offered in white.

Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

Noise Cancelling

When I travel I enjoy noise cancelling headphones because they take away some of the loud noises you encounter on planes, in the subway or in busy areas.

BOSE has been the standard and I really like my noise cancelling headphones.

Now that I need to use an adapter to make them work, I need a new solution.

The reviews that I’ve read about the Smartomi Earbuds are positive and the noise cancelling is comparable to many of the other offerings on the market these days.


At $39.99, the Smartomi Q5 Wireless Earbuds are an incredible deal.

I ordered the black ones for use on my next trip.

Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

Check out the deal.

Great Quality Bluetooth Earbuds

What do you think?

What do you think about the Smartomi Q5 Wireless Earbuds?


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