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Mon Ami Louis Winnipeg French Dinner

by John the Wanderer
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Mon Ami Louis Winnipeg French Dinner

This article is Mon Ami Louis Winnipeg French Dinner. It is a review of my dinner experience in Winnipeg at the Mon Ami Louis French Restaurant.

Mon Ami Louis

The dinner experience is part of my Winnipeg Spring Trip Report.


Mon Ami Louis is located on the iconic Esplanade Riel bridge overlooking Winnipeg’s #1 tourist destination, the Forks.

Mon Ami Louis

The restaurant is located in the middle of the bridge and is unique to this restaurant.

Winnipeg City Tour Mon Ami Louis

The restaurant is located with the Forks on one side of the bridge and the French Quarter of St. Boniface on the other side. The bridge goes over the Red River.

Mon Ami Louis is a French Brasserie, which is owned and operated by the WOW! Family of restaurants.

Check out Mon Ami Louis on TripAdvisor to read reviews by other guests as see their pictures.

Note: This dinner was part of my Winnipeg Media trip. Tourism Winnipeg and Travel Manitoba hosted me for this dinner experience. The value of my meal and drinks was about $80. The views expressed in this article are my own. 


We arrived at Mon Ami Louis around the time of our reservation. The restaurant was busy at the time and we were asked to wait about 20 minutes for a table.

We stood outside on the bridge and took in the views of the city and the Forks.

Mon Ami LouisMon Ami Louis

The temperature was comfortable, and it was nice taking a few minutes to relax before our meal.

After about 20 minutes, the host invited us to a table.

We were seated at a large table at the center of the bridge, which offered a good view out the large picture window.

A server approached our table shortly and welcomed us.

Mon Ami Louis

Our table was also located near the bar, so we could watch the bartender preparing cocktails which was a nice experience.

Mon Ami Louis

The restaurant was decorated elegantly with the use of bottles and vases which set a nice tone.

Mon Ami LouisMon Ami Louis

In addition, the lights were decorative which added another layer of character to the room.

Mon Ami Louis

The server introduced the specials of the day including a fresh cocktail with cucumber that was light and refreshing as well as a decadent mac and cheese with truffle oil and shaved black truffles.

Mon Ami Louis


The server suggested we start with cocktails. We ordered a round for the table.

I requested a cocktail called dePeche which was made with peach and sparkling wine.

The cocktails were prepared at the bar that was directly in front of us.

After about five minutes, the server presented each drink.

Mon Ami Louis

The dePeche was excellent. It was light and fresh and had a hint of sweetness from the peach. The drink was an excellent choice.

The favorite drink from the table was the drink special with the cucumber as it was described as sweet, savory and refreshing and a nice way to set the tone for a great meal.


The server suggested that we try appetizers for the table. We accepted and ordered the Poutine that was made with brisket, gravy, French fries and cheese curds, pickled red onions, horseradish cream and red wine gravy.

In addition, we also requested the deep fried almond crusted brie which was fresh brie cheese coated in almonds and deep fried and served with apples and raspberry coulis on a toasted baguette.

The appetizers were served about 15 minutes after we ordered them.

The server provided all the guests appetizer plates prior to serving them.


Winnipeg Adventure Mon Ami Louis

The poutine was presented neatly in a large bowl.

The fries were cooked perfectly and were crispy and golden brown.

The fries were topped with a gravy that had a bold flavor as well as fresh cheese curds. The cheese curds were topped with fresh brisket that was tender and bold in flavor. Pickled onions were placed on top along with some tangy horseradish cream. The dish was topped with more of the red wine gravy.

The dish was excellent, and all the toppings tasted amazing with the fries. It was a favorite with everyone at the table.


The brie was unique, and it was presented attractively on the plate.

Mon Ami Louis

The brie which was coated with almonds and deep fried was excellent. The cheese was creamy, and the almonds gave it a great flavor.

The brie went well with apples on top as well as a bit of the raspberry sauce.

I enjoyed each bite that I put on the crusty bread.

The server checked in on us and she was attentive throughout the meal.


After the appetizer plates were cleared, our entrees were presented.

I ordered the Walleye Fish and Chips as it was a local specialty.

Walleye Fish and Chips

The Walleye Fish and Chips was served on a large plate.

Mon Ami Louis

The fish was cut into three small pieces, which were lightly breaded with panko and pan fried.

The seafood was fresh, and each bite was incredible. The breading was seasoned well which enhanced the dish.

The fries were golden brown, and they were cooked perfectly. The walleye was served on top of the fries.

For the side, there was a small bowl with a fresh salad, pickle and tartar sauce.

The salad was carrot based and it was creamy and made with raisins and it had a good taste to pair with the fish and chips. The tartar sauce had a lemon flavor and it was creamy and also went well with the fish.


After dinner, the server removed our dishes from the table and she presented dessert menus. The server described each dish and said she would give us a few minutes.

We ordered a lemon custard pot.

Lemon Custard Pot

The dessert was served within a few minutes.

Mon Ami Louis

The lemon custard pot was served in a small clear bowl.

The lemon custard was bold in flavor and it was topped with whipped cream that was whipped with a large peak and they flamed to give it a nice feel.

Raspberry sauce was served on the side in a decorative fashion which went well with the lemon cream.

The dessert was excellent.


Our Mon Ami Louis Winnipeg French Dinner was incredible. We relaxed over a couple hours and were able to savor each dish and enjoy each other’s company over the slow meal. I love meals like this where you get to take your time and enjoy the company and cherish every bit of the experience. The server was incredible. She kept our table happy and she made sure we had everything that we needed to enjoy the meal. The food was amazing, and it was presented well. The portions were large, and the experience was excellent overall.


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