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Four things that made my MSC Seashore cruise a great time!

by John the Wanderer
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MSC Seashore Ocean Cay

This article is Four things that made my MSC Seashore cruise a great time!

MSC Seashore
MSC Seashore

MSC offers cruises throughout the world and has spent a lot of money developing a beautiful island oasis in the Bahamas at their private island Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

MSC Seashore Ocean Cay Ship View
Ocean Cay Ship View

MSC has been priced very attractively since the Covid-19 restart and allows you to getaway on a great vacation for a low cost.

MSC has continued to develop new ships and offers cruises from Orlando, Miami and New York and is planning on expanding to several other ports from the US.

MSC Seashore Miami Sailaway
Miami Sailaway

The cruise line attracts a great international crowd and you generally find a good mix of people on each sailing.


I booked my seven night sailing on MSC Seashore during the restart after Covid-19 and was able to book an Yacht Club inside stateroom at a cost of $1,100! I was sailing solo on this trip and MSC was not charging single supplements at the time, which is why the cost was so low!

The experience is in the cruise lines ship within a ship concept in the suites area called Yacht Club. The fare included Premium WiFi, and Premium Drinks. I added gratuities to the sailing prior to going on the ship. The cost of the gratuities was included in the $1,100!

The cruise took place in early 2022 while there were still lower crowds on the ship. In fact, there were only about 650 guests on my sailing so it made it like sailing in a private yacht rather than a cruise ship. That was a unique experience.

Booking in the Yacht Club includes a private dining experience, private pool deck and has Butlers to care for all the guests in the Yacht Club.

Currently MSC offers very attractive fares on balcony cabins and often includes Wifi and Beverages in your cruise fare.

You can also get a good deal on sailing in the Yacht Club especially if one of the inside Yacht Club rooms are available. However, the prices for Yacht Club are closer to the $4,000 level, which is still a great deal to get the ship within a ship experience.

Travel Advisor

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MSC Seashore

MSC Seashore Pretty Sky from Dominican Republic
Pretty Sky from Dominican Republic

I sailed on a seven night cruise from Miami that visited Puerto Plata and Ocean Cay Marine Reserve in the Bahamas.

My room was an inside cabin within the Yacht Club.

MSC Seashore Inside Yacht Club Room
Inside Yacht Club Room
MSC Seashore Inside Yacht Club Bed
Inside Yacht Club Bed

The room was comfortable and clean and I was taken care of by a butler and assistant.

Four Things that I loved about MSC Seashore

I enjoyed my cruise on MSC Seashore. The below four things were what made my cruise enjoyable.

Luxury Yacht Club Experience

The first thing that I enjoyed about my cruise on MSC Seashore was the luxury Yacht Club Experience.

From the moment I stepped aboard the MSC Seashore, a Butler took my bag and escorted me to the Yacht Club.

Butler escorting me in the Miami Port Terminal

The Yacht Club is this exclusive area of the ship is a haven of luxury, offering a private retreat for discerning travelers seeking unparalleled service and amenities.

The Yacht Club offered private dining room with attentive servers who really tried hard to make sure guests were having a great time.

MSC Seashore Yacht Club Beef Tartar
Yacht Club Beef Tartar
MSC Seashore Yacht Club Pasta Entree
Yacht Club Pasta Entree
MSC Seashore Yacht Club Lobster Dinner
Lobster Dinner
MSC Seashore Yacht Club Ice Cream
Ice Cream

Most of the food was excellent although I did encounter some service misses on the presentation and quality of the food, however, the items I picture above were excellent! The staff was friendly and they worked hard to provide a good experience overall.

There was also a private lounge where you could relax and get a drink or just take in views of the ocean from the front of the ship.

MSC Seashore Yacht Club Lounge
Yacht Club Lounge

I spent most of my time during the day in the Yacht Club Pool where I got some sun and enjoyed the warm weather and service from the staff in the Yacht Club.

MSC Seashore Yacht Club Pool
Yacht Club Pool
MSC Seashore Yacht Club Resort Deck
Yacht Club Resort Deck

It was pretty awesome getting to be in the Yacht Club for such a low price on that sailing.

Spending Time on Ocean Cay

The second thing that I enjoyed about my cruise on MSC Seashore was having two days on Ocean Cay.

MSC Seashore Ocean Cay
Ocean Cay views

During the Pandemic the cruise line offered a lot of sailings offering an overnight at Ocean Cay. That allowed for a late night beach party and lighthouse show.

Lighthouse Show

I had a great time relaxing in the Yacht Club Private Beach one day and then exploring the other many great spaces on the second day.

The Yacht Club beach offered a slightly rocky beach but had comfortable chairs and attentive servers for drinks.

MSC Seashore Ocean Cay Yacht Club Beach with loungers
Ocean Cay Yacht Club Beach with loungers
MSC Seashore Yacht Club Beach
Yacht Club Beach

On the second day I enjoyed the other spaces on the island. I spent some time in the colorful beach area near the ship as well as had a private stretch of beach to myself later in the day on one of the other areas of the island.

MSC Seashore Ocean Cay
Morning view of colorful beach
MSC Seashore Ocean Cay Lagoon
Ocean Cay Lagoon
MSC Seashore Ocean Cay Colorful Beach
A colorful Ocean Cay Beach
MSC Seashore Ocean Cay Private Beach
Ocean Cay Private Beach

It was a lot of fun dancing on the beach at night and taking in the lighthouse show.

Ocean Cay beach party

The beach experience at Ocean Cay was really awesome.

MSC Seashore from Ocean Cay
Ship at Ocean Cay
MSC Seashore Ocean Cay Lighthouse Sunshine
Ocean Cay Lighthouse Sunshine

Cool Ship Design with the Infinity Pool at the Aft of the Ship and Glass Elevators

The third thing that I enjoyed about MSC Seashore was the infinity pool at the back of the ship.

MSC Seashore Infinity Pool at Sunrise
Infinity Pool at Sunrise

The pool area was connected to the main pool deck via glass elevators that have an awesome view going from the top of the ship to the infinity pool deck.

Glass Elevator Ride to Infinity Pool

You could relax in the infinity pool or sit in the sun near the pool or between the pools. That was a lot of fun.

MSC Seashore Infinty Pool from top deck
Infinity Pool from top deck

There were plenty of bar servers available to prepare drinks. You could also buy gelato by the pool or get a coffee at the bar.

Amazing Barista Made Coffee throughout the ship at the majority of the bars

MSC is an Italian Owned company so coffee is at the forefront. And true to the European roots you can get really good barista made coffee and espresso at the majority of the bars throughout the ship.

MSC Seashore Coffee

I enjoyed having cappuccinos and other specialty coffees wherever I was on the ship.

In addition, there is even a cool coffee shop on Ocean Cay where the drink package works so you can get a specialty Island Coffee with Coconut that really hit the spot in the morning as a hot drink and in the afternoon as an iced one!

MSC Seashore

MSC Seashore in Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

That was some of the things that I loved about sailing on MSC Seashore. From an amazing Yacht Club Experience to two beautiful days on Ocean Cay, I really had a great time sailing on MSC.

MSC Seashore Ocean Cay Departure
Ocean Cay Departure

Planning a cruise?

MSC Seashore Miami Sunrise
Miami Sunrise

Let me help you plan your next cruise vacation! Email me at john@johnthewanderer.com and I can help put together a great vacation experience. As a travel agent I often have access to additional promotions such as onboard credit, meals or some other experience or group pricing.

MSC Seashore Sunrise

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