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Five Things I loved about Celebrity Summit

Five awesome things about Celebrity Summit

by John the Wanderer
Celebrity Summit in Cozumel

This is about the five things that I loved about sailing on Celebrity Summit.

Celebrity Summit in Cozumel
Celebrity Summit in Cozumel

This article covers the five things that I loved about Celebrity Summit when I sailed on a five-night cruise to Mexico and the Bahamas.

Celebrity Summit offers four- and five-night sailings to the Caribbean during the Fall, Winter and Spring as well as sailings to Bermuda and Canada in the Summer. You can also find some unique special itineraries when the ship relocates from one home port to another at the change of the seasons.

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This sailing of Celebrity Summit took place during the pandemic, and it was available when Celebrity and other cruise lines offered incredible value in going on a cruise.  At the time it was possible to stay in the Retreat (suite class) on Celebrity for pricing lower than what some inside room itineraries run these days.

Cruise cost

For this sailing I stayed in a Sky Suite which had a cost of approximately $1,900 for the five-night sailing. The fare included premium beverage package, premium internet and gratuities.

The cruise departed from Port Miami, so I stayed the night before at a hotel near the airport using miles and points and then took an uber to and from the port.


I paid cash for my flights to Miami from Minneapolis for about $300 round trip. Again, this was during the pandemic, so the prices were significantly lower than current options.

Room Tour

Sky Suite Room Tour

The Sky Suite that I ended up getting assigned was one of the accessible cabins so it had some additional space, a larger door as well as a short that you could roll into.

Celebrity Summit Sky Suite
The entrance to Sky Suite

The room was comfortable, and it was updated into Celebrity’s current design for Sky Suites, so it had a modern feel with gray tones.

Celebrity Summit Sky Suite Entrance
Room View

The bed was comfortable, and the room was set up neatly.

I was able to do some work during the cruise at the table near the bed as well.

The balcony offered a large area, and I enjoyed sitting on the deck during the sailing.

Balcony on Celebrity Summit in Sky Suite

This sailing was prior to the introduction of Starlink so even with the premium internet package everything was slow, and it was difficult posting videos on social media.

I also was not able to stream any content for more than a few minutes at a time without it buffering.

Now that the ships feature Starlink the streaming capabilities have improved, although you will still notice difficulty uploading videos or pictures with music to social media.

The ship is one of the older Celebrity cruise ships, but it is really kept up well and clean and the exterior areas are expertly maintained so you generally do not notice the ships age.

a deck of a cruise ship with chairs
Love sign on deck
Retreat Sundeck on Celebrity Summit
Retreat Sundeck

Since it is one of the older ships, the power options in the room are more limited. I would highly recommend bringing a cruise power strip and extension cord if you want power near the bed. You can find some great options like this or this on Amazon.

In addition, many guests appreciate bringing a Euro to US power adaptor such as this one. If you use one of these, make sure you only use it to power something that can accept the higher voltage or consider getting a converter like this one.

All these Amazon links are affiliate links. Thanks for your support!

Five Things I loved about Celebrity Summit

I had an amazing time on Celebrity Summit. During the sailing five things stood out to me as being exceptional, which made my vacation so much better.

Below you will find those five things.

Amazing Singers at the Sunset Bar

The first thing that I loved about my experience on Celebrity Summit was the amazing singers at the Sunset Bar and throughout the ship.

Sunset at sea!
Sunset at sea!

Celebrity does an awesome job of featuring a sunset bar on each of the ships.

On Celebrity Summit the sunset bar is located at the back of the Oceanview Café (the buffet) on Celebrity.

Celebrity Summit Sunset at sea
Peaceful Sunset at sea

Each evening at Sunset there were live entertainers performing while guests took in some incredible views of the sunsets!

Colby Dean Duo performing

Each evening the Colby Dean Duo performed, and they had everyone singing along and really getting into the music each evening.

Colby Dean Duo performance at sunset

There were also many other amazing solo singers or groups throughout the ship. Some performed at the pool, others in the Grant Plaza or atrium of the ship.

Celebrity consistently finds exceptional performers and those experiences really enhance the overall experience on this ship!

Exceptional Dining and Gourmet Experience at Luminae and in the Retreat

The second thing that I loved about my experience on Celebrity Summit was the exceptional dining and gourmet experiences at Luminae and in the Retreat.

Because I was booked in a Sky Suite I got access to the Retreat amenities including gourmet dining at Luminae as well as a Retreat Lounge near the Grand Plaza and the Retreat Sundeck.

Luminae offered a luxury dinning experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Every meal that I had at Luminae was exceptional.

From a lobster roll at lunch to the incredible halibut entrée, everything was exceptional.

Lobster roll at lunch in Luminae on Celebrity Summit
Lobster roll at lunch in Luminae
Summit Seafood Dinner in the Retreat
Summit Seafood Dinner in the Retreat

The dinners started with a amuse bouche and the staff were well attentive and provided top notch service.

Celebrity Summit dinner bite in Luminae
Dinner bite in Luminae

The Retreat Sundeck was a quite place to relax in the sun. Servers provided drink service as well as offered food that could be delivered to your chair, or you could dine in a small area in the sundeck.

I enjoyed shrimp cocktail and some excellent beverages while I enjoyed the sun.

The Retreat Sun Deck is a bit quiet and private.  While music was playing in the background, you will probably want to bring your own entertainment to keep you occupied while you enjoy the sun.

Celebrity Summit Dessert in Luminae
Dessert in Luminae

This gourmet experiences really added to the cruise and that made it the second thing that I loved about the experience.

Sailaway from the Helipad

The third thing that was really awesome about my sailing on Celebrity Summit was getting to enjoy Sail Away from the Helipad on the ship!

Celebrity Summit - Helipad departure from Miami
Helipad departure from Miami

One of the cool things about sailing during the pandemic were the lower guests counts. As a result, the Captain invited all guests to come up to the front of the ship at the helipad to enjoy sail away.

Celebrity Summit - Helipad with Royal terminal at Miami
Helipad with Royal terminal at Miami

It was a very cool experience getting to be up at the front of the ship for the sail away.

Celebrity Summit sail away in Miami at the turning basin
Sail away in Miami at the turning basin

In addition since the ship was docked facing the Miami city rather then the ocean so we got to first sail into the turning basin and then rotate 180 degrees before sailing out of Port Miami.

Sail away time on Celebrity Summit from Miami
Sail away time

This was really a cool experience getting to be up on this special deck for sailaway!

Cozumel Beach Club Experience

Cozumel is one of my favorite ports to visit because there are many awesome beach clubs to experience to make for a beautiful day in the sun.

Celebrity Summit with Cozumel Sign
The fun sign in Cozumel

The fourth thing I loved about my sailing on Celebrity Summit was getting the Cozumel Beach Club Experience when I took a cab for about $17 from International Pier to Mr. Sanchoz Cozumel where I bought a day pass for $60 and enjoyed a fun beach club experience!

I booked the experience on Viator.  You can also find passes on Expedia or TripAdvisor to Mr. Sanchoz or one of the many other beach clubs.

I enjoyed the fun environment of Mr. Sanchoz as well as the beautiful beach.

Beach in Cozumel
Beach in Cozumel

I received excellent service from the team and had some excellent food and drink.

Cozumel Beach Club
Cozumel Beach Club

It was a beautiful day!

Consider booking your shore excursions or beach club via Viator or TripAdvisor or Expedia!

Exceptional Broadway Style Entertainment in the Theater

The fifth thing that made my Celebrity Summit cruise memorable was the exceptional Broadway style entertainment in the theater!

Singers and Dancers Performing Please Don’t Stop the Music
Singers and Dancers

Celebrity Cruises Entertainment has such talented singers, dancers, aerialists and performers that provide exceptional entertainment in the theater!

Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend

On this sailing the cast included Gemma Hurst, Rafi Martinez-Salgado, Olivia White, Blair Edwards and Claudia Pereira.  These singers were really amazing, and I would highly recommend checking them out on Instagram!

Stunning performance

The cast performed a show with Broadway tunes one day as well as a full production show called Soundtrack with some familiar songs to enjoy while watching amazing dance routines and cool aerialists and acrobats.

Brave performed

The performances were exceptional, and they truly made the experience on Celebrity Summit incredible.

Celebrity Summit

Miami Sunrise from Celebrity Summit
Miami Sunrise

Well, those were the five things that made my experience on Celebrity Summit incredible. I enjoyed the talented singers at the Sunset Bar for some great tunes and views each evening. I loved taking sail away from Port Miami from the helipad at the front of the ship! The food and beverage experience were truly gourmet and incredible in Luminae and the Retreat! I loved my beach experience in Cozumel! Finally, the entertainment in the theater was exceptional! All these things combined made for an amazing cruise!

Sunset at sea on Celebrity Summit
Sunset at sea on Celebrity Summit

I would love to help you plan your next cruise for an awesome experience! As a travel advisor I get access to group pricing that can offer some amazing savings and I may be able to offer some additional onboard amenities that you wouldn’t get by booking direct. To get started please email me at john@johnthewanderer.com ! I can’t wait to hear from you so that we can help plan an awesome cruise!


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