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Cruise News: Ripped Off In Cozumel

by John the Wanderer
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Cozumel Sign

This article is Ripped Off in Cozumel. It is a cruise news update of stories I found this week.

I read a lot of articles. I save interesting news articles and blog posts so that I can share with others on the blog. These are some of the stories that I found this week.

Cozumel Sign
Cozumel Sign

Ripped Off in Cozumel

Nancy wrote about a mistake that she made in Cozumel using a credit card. It can be difficult finding a good deal on cruise ports but it is always important to confirm the price before offering to pay. I enjoy going to Cozumel. When I cruise, I generally avoid shopping though and prefer going to a beach club! I recently covered a stop in Cozumel in my Norwegian Prima review. Have you ever been ripped off at a cruise port?

Carnival Targeted Credit Card Offers

I always love when there are credit card offers on Chase or Amex where you get extra points or money back on something I am spending money on anyway. Several people are reporting offers on Amex cards for Carnival sailings. Make sure you check your offers on your credit cards frequently and add the offers to your cards! You just save an extra $75 – $100 on an awesome cruise!

If you don’t have a Chase card and you are under their policy of 5 new cards in 24 months, please consider using my link to sign up for a new card!

Cruise Passengers Are a “Plague of Locusts” According to Amsterdam Politician

This is a crazy article about a politician in Amsterdam that seems to hate cruise passengers. Cruises passengers generally spend money on shopping or excursions that makes its way into the local economies so it is pretty surprising this politician would call passengers locusts.

Celebrity Cruises Unveils New Culinary Experiences on Celebrity Ascent

I am excited for the launch of Celebrity Ascent! I am sailing on her in December. It will be cool to check out some of the great culinary experiences. Celebrity has awesome food in main dining but the specialty restaurants are definitely over the top. I will have access to Aqua Class on my sailing so It will be cool the check out the outdoor dining option in Blu.

I recently sailed on Celebrity Beyond. You can read my review of the experience here.

Cruise News

This news update includes stories about Getting Ripped off in Cozumel as well as some new culinary experiences on Celebrity Beyond.

Did I miss anything that you found interesting this week? Comment with the link and I will include it on a future news update.

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