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Cruise News: No Signature Show on Viva

by John the Wanderer
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Norwegian Viva

This is No Signature Show on Viva. It is a cruise news update covering some of the articles I read this week including a story about the signature show Beetlejuice not being ready for the launch of Norwegian Viva.

I read a lot of articles each week and when I find interesting ones, I save them so I can share on the blog.

No Signature Show on Viva

Norwegian Viva
Norwegian Viva – Photo by Norwegian Cruise Line

In unfortunate news for the inaugural season on Norwegian Viva, there will not be a signature show. The Beetlejuice production is not get ready so unfortunately guests will have to wait to see the show. A lot goes into these productions so it is understandable that the cruise line wants to wait until the show is perfect before launching it. Hopefully they will add some other great performances to take the place of the show.

I sailed on the sister ship to Via earlier this year but was unable to see the production show due to not getting tickets. You can read about my experience on Norwegian Prima here.

A Review of Crystal Serenity

A writer for the Points Guy got invited on the media preview for the re-launched Crystal Serenity. It looks like overall the experience was good. As you could expect, the crew made the cruise amazing for the writer. It is a little funny they said the negative was that there was no casino as that is awesome for me since it means less smoke on the ship! Anyway it sounds like it was a fun experience.

The Correct Way to Have Tea on a Cruise?

This article points out how an expert explained the proper way to have tea on a cruise! I went to a British Afternoon Tea on Princess recently and it was a little underwhelming. Perhaps if these steps are followed it would have been better?

Do you like afternoon tea?

Two Sisters Cruise MSC Seascape and Arrive Home With 10 Pounds of Cocaine Now Facing Federal Charges

In a crazy story from the week, some sisters brought a lot of cocaine on a cruise ship! How crazy is that! I guess they thought they needed to make the cruise a little more fun for them! Who knows, unfortunately their plans backfired and now they face federal felony charges!

Cruise News

From no performance on the new cruise ship to some drug smuggling on MSC it was an interesting week in the land of cruise articles.

Did I miss something that you found interesting? Let me know and I will share on a future cruise update.

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