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Cruise News: Nuclear Power on Cruise Ship?

by John the Wanderer
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a large crane in a port

This article is about Nuclear Power on a cruise ship as well as some other cruise news from the week.

I read a lot of articles about cruising. I save interesting ones when I find them so that I can share with you on the blog.

a large crane in a port
Fincantieri Shipyard photo and featured image photo by Fincantieri

Nuclear Power on a Cruise Ship?

This is an interesting read about the possibility of Nuclear Power for a cruise ship. The shipbuilders at the famous Fincantieri are considering this. That would make a lot of power and it would only release stream but will it be safe given the ship constantly moving?

Is Norwegian Joy NCL’s Worst Mega Ship?

I normally don’t consider a cruise ship to be the worst but I guess there is always something at the bottom? I traveled on Norwegian about the same time as Don and Heidi and it is interesting to read about their experience sailing to Bermuda. It sounds like our dinning experiences were similar in terms of the specialty dining being the star of the show; however, they fortunately had a bit better main dining experience at the 24-hour place. Anyway is Norwegian Joy the worst mega ship? Well you are going to have to read it yourself to find out!

Just in case you want to see how my experience compared on Norwegian Jade, check out the article here.


November and December are some of the months I prefer going on a cruise. This article has some great ideas on what you should pick for your early winter cruise! I’d pick one of their warm weather destination suggestions myself. What about you? A cruise on the Emerald Yacht sounds interesting to me…. Maybe one day.

Best Disney cruise ships for everyone — even Disney adults

I am not really a Disney Person but the one thing that impresses me about Disney is how they take a theme and go with it completely to make an experience amazing. This article is a good write up on how to pick the best Disney ship for your next vacation. Some of the suggestions surprise me as they recommend some of the older Disney ships for certain age groups!

Cruise News

It will be pretty amazing if nuclear power on a cruise ship becomes a real thing. Hopefully the shipyards research will pan out!

Those were some of the articles that stood out to me this week. Did I miss anything? Comment below and I can share the article on a future cruise news update!

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